Inviting proposals from experienced Digital Records Management Consultants

Inviting proposals from experienced Digital Records Management Consultants

...to advise & consult on the next state of our internal archive project.


10 April 2018

We are looking to work with a Digital Records Management Consultant to advise and consult on the next state of our internal archive project.

The archive of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations (TIHR) provides a comprehensive record of the formation, establishment and development of the Institute over a period of 70 years. From the records of the projects with the War Office Selection Board in the 1940s which led to the development and establishment of TIHR to those of significant projects into the 21st century.

Currently, we are nearing the end of a 2-year project that has successfully deposited and catalogued a significant archive of material with Wellcome. A full catalogue of this material can be found here. Having established our collection at Wellcome, the archive project is now moving into the second, exciting, stage of work – progressing from paper records into the digital records we hold. This stage looks to not only audit and identify our current digital records collection but also feed into a bigger process of streamlining our current information management processes.

In order to take on the next stage of the project, we are looking to recruit an enthusiastic and experienced Digital Records Management consultant with the ability and interest to implement and manage the planning of a new digital phase of archiving. We are keen to continue our public engagement work along the way (please take a look at our archive blog documenting the process thus far) so an interest in outreach and bringing the work to a larger audience would be an advantage.

If you are interested in working with us then please take a look at the full proposal which includes comprehensive details of the next phases of work. If you wish to submit a proposal for this work, please contact Meg Davies who will be able to help you: m.davies@tavinstitute.org

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