Launch - Organisational Consultancy: Working with Dynamics 2020

Launch - Organisational Consultancy: Working with Dynamics 2020

Applications are now open for this programme.

Are you looking for a cutting-edge experience that will help with your complex consultative projects where there are issues in how you take up a role as a consultant?

Organisational Consultancy: Working with Dynamics provides excellent opportunities for experienced organisational development consultants to:

  • explore the roles and tasks of advanced organisational development and change consultants;
  • examine how you will add depth and advanced skills to the roles and tasks within your practice;
  • think together in a safe working environment to deepen your advanced consultation skills;
  • encourage a culture of curiosity and enquiry within the programme.


The objective of the programme is to deepen your skills as a systems psychodynamics organisational development and change consultant. Our approach is to provide opportunities for deep and holistic learning that focuses on principles, links and meaning, valuing uncertainty with the participants as active explorers. The programme provides opportunities to:

  • discuss consultation dilemmas faced by you as an organisational development and change consultant;
  • problem-solve, plan and collaborate on consultation issues and dilemmas;
  • bring aspects of your consultative practice that you are curious about and want new ideas around how to work with those current dilemmas;
  • examine the roles you are unwittingly ‘invited into’ by the system and how task-oriented or anti-task they might be.

Learning methods include:

  • Experiential events such as small study groups, inter-group events, social dreaming matrices, sensing walks and regular reviews of each event in the module as the programme progresses.
  • Theories: Theoretical input via reading seminars and exploring the application of ideas in consultancy work, such as open systems, socio-technical systems design, socio-ecological, socio-psychological, large and small group dynamics, consultancy interventions, the application of group relations theory to consultancy practice, the application of psychoanalytic theory to individual, groups and organisations.
  • Practice: The presentation of consultancy practice to deepen the learning and the application of advanced systems psychodynamics theory and practice.
  • The opportunity to receive in-depth feedback on your taking of a role and practice as a consultant.


You are likely to have a strong background of training and practice as a consultant and coach with organisations already. There are a variety of roles that you could be undertaking in your organisation:

  • you may work in a training and development context in which you provide formal and/or informal consultation;
  • you may work in human resources from which you provide change and catalytic process to systems; or
  • you may be self-employed as an organisational and development consultant, coach or mentor.

Participants looking for:

  • a cutting-edge experience that will help with them with complex consultative projects where there are issues in how they take up their role as a consultant?
  • They will be interested in working with other advanced practitioners to share and learn from their understandings of what is happening between the consultant and client and identify key learning for future interventions?
  • They will be interested in gaining new skills in how to work as an advanced practitioner consultant in complex systems?

If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of the Directors, please contact Anabel Navarro, Professional Development Manager: a.navarro@tavinstitute.org

You can also find out more information here.

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