Launching Deepening Creative Practice 2023-24

Launching Deepening Creative Practice 2023-24

Exploring your creative practice with your organisation or group


23 May 2022

Exploring your creative practice with your organisation or group

‘If I had to dream up a course, Deepening Creative Practice (DCP) would be it. I am experimenting with legal concepts of the Board and the Company as they mould and melt into art, dreams and the collective consciousness” – Rosamund McCarthy Etherington, 2021-22 participant

Deepening Creative Practice with organisations is a unique trans-disciplinary programme weaving together the arts and social sciences: nurturing experimentation, curiosity, reflection, working with difference and practising taking risks. We are delighted to launch the third cohort of DCP, beginning in April 2023.

DCP will be:

  • a co-curated, co-created learning experience where you can adapt to face a world in flux;
  • for all kinds of artists – in the widest sense of the word – and in all kinds of circumstances;
  • a dynamic space where you can challenge your whole self in relation to creative practice – staging, performing, attuning – digging deep and bubbling up, deconstructing, stepping back, internal quietening.

DCP aims to stretch and expand its form with new organisational practices, working collectives, publications and interventions emerging out of its space.  The first cohort continue to meet and the OPEN series plays with memory and accidental scripts, a practice they describe is about paying attention to the influence of time, trust, availability and other constraints – deeply connected to their work within their organisations.

The programme will be in person and comprises 5 seasons. 4 seasons of 4 days each will be based in the studio space at the Institute in central London, with field trips and some artist collaborations in other venues. Interseason meetings will be held online and a fifth ‘exhibiting’ season will be generated by the programme cohort. The programme also includes residencies and practice supervision.

Participants keep in contact between seasons on Padlet, in 2 scrapbooks: Working within and Working out loud – a public space. Dates in italic denote extra dates when the programme is held online:

      Spring:             19 – 22 April 2023      15 May

      Summer:           14 – 17 June            11 September

      Autumn:         11 – 14 October          13 November

      Winter:          17 – 20 January 2024   12 February  

      Exhibiting season:  Spring 2024

We welcome conversations to hear about your curiosity, musings and fantasies about the programme.  To explore further with one of the programme directors, please contact Maria Markiewicz.

To find out more, please see the programme brochure, news articles about DCP, and information on Arts & Organisation at the Institute. Applications are now invited for 2023-24 and you can apply here.

The programme fee for this year is £5,175 and we offer a £500 Early Bird discount for applications submitted by 30 September 2022.

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