LEADERSHIP AUTHORITY ROLE Exploring Organizational and Personal Transformation

LEADERSHIP AUTHORITY ROLE Exploring Organizational and Personal Transformation

This Group Relations Conference will take place at The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, 17 — 19 October 2024, and is convened by Caribbean Group Relations Consulting,

From the brochure by Caribbean Group Consulting

Globally, including in the Caribbean, leadership is now in an unprecedented era of rapid transformation. The environment is unpredictable and complex and the challenges are interconnected. The speed of new technology change, the emergence of generative AI, “born digital” generations, and shifts in social values are now reinventing individuals, organizations, and society. This reinvention provides creative spaces, with unfamiliar terrain and opportunities, which require constant organizational and personal adaption and development.

Caribbean leadership in 2024 is grappling with the collapse of traditional systems, the education system’s effectiveness, within a relationship - oriented culture, the transformation of workplace dynamics, and the change and needs of society. Leadership today is not just about being in authority; it’s about being comfortable in the unknown, fostering growth, empowering others, and creating a shared sense of purpose in a new way.

At this time of accelerated transformation and reinvention, what does the new leadership approach look like? In leading within these complex systems and uncertainty, how can I maintain my role and authority, remain resilient, and manage my anxiety and stress levels while supporting my team? While navigating change and adversity, what are my defenses that get in the way of accomplishing the best results for my organization? What anxieties show up for me in empowering others with diverse skills and knowledge?

Group relations conferences are a way of learning for leadership. It is a methodology that offers an opportunity, to work with the conscious rational part of ourselves and the sometimes-hidden thoughts, feelings, and ideas. These hidden dimensions can get in the way of achieving the goals and aspirations, set out by leaders and their teams.

This working conference is leadership intensive for those who have the courage and keen to develop a deeper understanding of: - Leadership and how to work more skilfully in role, how it is experienced, and what it means in leadership roles in private or public organizations. Authority, its exercise, and how groups affect an individual in role. Deepening the understanding of groups, and how to work with them is vital in working with transformation.

If you are committed to leading for the best effectiveness, join us as we explore Leadership Authority Role, in the context of Organizational and Personal Transformation, for this new time and space.

Mary Fullerton

Conference Director

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