Leading from behind

Leading from behind

An excerpt from our Fair Share free course, Leading Change.


18 July 2016

An excerpt from our Fair Share free course, Leading Change.

In an ever more complex world, purposefully letting go of control in an organisation is an anxious experience. However, the collective idea of the leader as a heroic visionary with loyal followers is becoming less dominant, particularly in value-led organisations.

As part of this softening of the impression of the leader, we are presenting examples of leaders whose primary task is to enable others, leaders who ‘lead from behind’ and find ways to direct without being directive.

The video above is an excerpt from our Fair Share free course, Leading Change, designed for the social economy sector but suitable to all.

To watch the whole video, please:

  1. register for Fair Share
  2. enrol in the course. This takes less than 2 minutes and once done you can
  3. view the video and participate

Fair Share is training and learning platform for entrepreneurs interested in fair trade and socially responsible and sustainable business. The project has received funding from the European Commission, by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

In addition to Tavistock Institute, the other partners in Fair Share are Laurea University of Applied Sciences, University of Liege, Academy for Social Entrepreneurs, Monimbò, Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres and Equo Garantito.

We have collectively developed seven free courses, including introductions to Fair Trade and the social economy. The publications/ videos reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contain therein.

The TIHR team consists of Cristina Castellanos, David Drabble, Coreene ArcherGiorgia Iacopini and Kerstin Junge.

For further information please contact David Drabble.

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