Leading with Heart

Leading with Heart

Launching Young Leaders. Next workshop Friday, 17 May


7 January 2019

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Launching Young Leaders

We are drawn to leaders and organisations that are good at communicating what they believe.  Their ability to make us feel like we belong, to make us feel special, safe and not alone is part of what gives them the ability to inspire us.
Simon Sinek, Why Leaders Eat Last

The emotional labour of leadership is something that is not often discussed when you are new to a role. At first, the focus is on the relational skills of team leadership and the practical skills of time management that are initially required to take up a leading role.

By the time you have become a senior manager or a CEO, there is an expectation that a leader is well aware of and well equipped to deal with all the challenges; emotional and otherwise that come with the role. These skills are either hard won through learning and experience or never fully learnt at all.

Launching Young Leaders is our regular 1-day workshop for young people interested in all aspects of leadership and how to achieve it, with learning by experience at its centre.

It is a challenging day as we explore what it means to lead: through a process of reflecting on ourselves, our emotional reactions and our interactions with others. Encountering the experiences of not-knowing, feeling uncertainty, or ambiguity and vulnerability can be difficult to work through when there is an important decision imminent. This is an opportunity to learn how you respond without the risk of your team or colleagues watching.

The anticipated outcomes of the day are new levels of understanding about leadership and personal insights that can be applied directly to the working or learning environment that participants come from – but everyone learns something different.

For more information please email Anabel Navarro.

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