Learning in the Tavistock Tradition

Learning in the Tavistock Tradition

Lunchtime Talk: Anne Benson, 17th May.

Lunchtime Talk: Anne Benson, 17th May.

“Drawing on classic and contemporary Tavistock approaches”. This phrase pops up in our brochures and marketing material. What does it mean? To some it means transformative and life changing experiences, or maybe practical ways of really getting beneath the surface of organisational life. Others remain sceptical viewing it as outdated or cultish and for some it means nothing at all. One theme that runs throughout the tradition, and possibly core to it, is debate and the contested nature of what can or must be included.

In this lunchtime talk I will offer my, necessarily partial, account of Learning in the Tavistock Tradition: its evolution over time; what it stands for and its continued relevance for society now and in the coming decades. I will trace its journey to date through the ideas, methods and applications that currently constitute the tradition. I am keen to debate the nature of the next evolution, what next to integrate? Do we need to reconsider any of the core constructs – the nature and meaning of boundary in our simultaneously boundary-less and boundary enforced world; the ‘here and now’ in increasingly virtual encounters; our changing relationship to authority in a networked world?

If you have been part of making and shaping the tradition; experienced learning in the tradition or want to know what it is all about I hope you can join us on the 17th May.

Anne Benson is an organisational, team and leadership development consultant, coach and clinician with 30 years’ experience of working primarily in and with the health and social care sector. She began her career as a nurse. For the last twenty years she has been working in practice based consultancy, education and development.  She currently works as a principal consultant and researcher for the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations where she is Head of Professional Development Programmes. She has worked in NHS, Local Authority, Higher Education and third sector organisations as well as organisations with a national and international remit, most recently The Kings Fund (2009 – 2015). Clinically she has worked in in-patient, community and primary care services in the NHS and Local Government. Current programmes of work include co-directing the Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change in the UK and Netherlands; contributing to the design and delivery of a capacity development programme in China; consulting to NHS, Higher Education and third sector individuals and services. Alongside her consultancy and development work she has a small private practice as a Cognitive Analytic Therapist.

All events take place @ The Tavistock Institute.

Bring your lunch and your expertise with you – hot/cold drinks will be provided. Contact talks@tavinstitute.org if you would like further details of each talk and/or you plan to attend.

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