Long term endemic problems or short term necessities?

Long term endemic problems or short term necessities?

- highlighting the need for renewal in your practice/being.

– highlighting the need for renewal in your practice/being.

Long term endemic problems or short term necessities? Both continue to dominate demands for organisational change, whether from private, public and third sectors, requiring thoughtful innovation action in the face of competing priorities. In our current work for the NHS Citizen programme, this means supporting those at the top to learn to listen deeply, encounter others in public conversations, be seen to be accountable. For practitioners in change and consulting, pressure to resolve paradoxes and be the source of solutions highlights the need for renewal in practice and being.

Our P3C: Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change modular programme is specifically designed for participants faced with seemingly intractable issues, to enrich and extend their capacities in the face of turbulent and driven market conditions. Through experiential learning within strong theoretical frameworks, international participants encounter opportunities to radically overhaul their practice to emerge as more authentic and powerful change practitioners. Learning to make the most of what is emergent and sometimes hidden, as well as the explicit and planned, in both off-site and ongoing practice situations supports participants in their live ongoing organisational engagement.

This programme draws on contemporary theories of organisation, including complexity theory and other post-modern understanding of organisations as well as core Tavistock Institute theories of systems psychodynamics. The educational design includes simulation and role plays of current organisational change interplays together with practice in eliciting and practising peer consulting for participants own live organisational issues.

Applications for the next cohort of the P3C programme 2015 (beginning in January) are welcome. For a brochure with full details including module outlines, fee and venue and/or if you have any questions, please contact Rachel Kelly, Professional Development Coordinator:

e: r.kelly@tavinstitute.org

t: +44 (0)20 7457 3927

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