Making it to the Leicester Conference

Making it to the Leicester Conference

Transforming Poverty of Time or Cash. Are you one of the many executives or someone seeking to take their career to another level?

Transforming Poverty of Time or Cash

Are you one of the many executives or someone seeking to take their career to another level? At this time of year, people like you are looking for an Executive Education Summer School, or something similar.

Today on LinkedIn, Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at MIT and Founding Chair of the Presencing Institute shared a wonderful article, “How to escape your organisation’s Echo chamber” in which he says, “leaders can’t observe clearly if they can’t see anything outside of their own organisation or industry. In order to drive real change, leaders must escape their bubbles and make space for outside perspective…” Finding that capacity to hold the outside perspective and studying how we see clearly, or not, is what the Leicester Conference provides the opportunity to explore.

The learning at the Leicester Conference is totally experiential. The model has developed over the last 61 years and remains as impactful and innovative today as it was at its first outing in 1957. So, you may ask, what happens? Over 14 days, an international cohort of leaders, thinkers, creatives and activists come together to explore the dynamics of leading and following, taking up authority and managing self in role. This is a Leadership Summer School like no other. The intensity of the work and the exercising the capacity to sustain self-reflection marks the Leicester Conference, for many, as a life-changing learning journey.

Many organisations face the critical challenge of finding and retaining talent able to communicate effectively, think creatively, act on their own initiative and most valuably work effectively in groups with increasingly diverse backgrounds. Those that do not develop this ability face the risk of slow or rapid disruption and market exit.

Otto Scharmer says, “To avoid a similar fate, leaders must strengthen their capacity to look at situations with fresh eyes, to inquire into issues with truly open minds and open hearts — which means breaking free of our various institutional and digital bubbles, so we can observe, retreat, and reflect.”

We invite you to consider the opportunity to come and learn at the Leicester Conference. If you have concerns about time or money as a barrier to your participation – we can discuss them and find solutions.

Often not taking up a learning opportunity is felt to be impossible either because we do not have the money or cannot find the time. Both of these realities offer learning about the nature of the sacrifices, indeed the literal price of learning. There are bursaries available for those wishing to participate. We look forward to hearing from you and ultimately seeing you at Leicester.

Apply online or if you have any questions contact Rachel Kelly, Pre-conference administrator: r.kelly@tavistinstitute.org

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