Managing Dualities in Organisational Change Projects

Managing Dualities in Organisational Change Projects

Podcast from Dr David Shaw lunchtime talk.


15 January 2017

Lunchtime Talk: David Shaw 9 November 2016

When managers want to change their organisation they often use project management methods to do it, in the belief that this simplifies and focuses the change initiative and brings greater assurance of success. ‘Toolkits’ for managing organisational change often incorporate project management methods, as if project and change management methods could be integrated in a seamless whole.

Drawing on evidence from case studies of three organisational change projects in Arts Council England, David will argue that project management and change management methods form a complex duality, sometimes complementing but often also conflicting with each other. The linear, rational view of change underlying traditional project management methods will be compared with the perspectives of change management scholars who emphasise its complexities and uncertainties.

The research on which this talk is based was published in the latest edition of the Journal of Change Management: Shaw, D. (2016). ‘Managing Dualities in Organisational Change Projects’. Journal of Change Management, 16(3), 201-222.

David’s aim is to publish a series of articles on factors that influence the outcomes of organisational change projects, and hopes to explore with participants some themes to be developed in future research during the discussion.

David Shaw is a Visiting Lecturer in the Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour Department of the University of Greenwich Business School. Before joining the University of Greenwich Business School he was a management consultant for over 20 years, specialising in the management of organisational change.

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