MSc in Leading Organisational & Development in a volatile and complex world

MSc in Leading Organisational & Development in a volatile and complex world

from the Metanoia Institute

from the Metanoia Institute.

This MSc programme from the Metanoia Institute, London offers a unique opportunity for leaders, managers, change agents and organisational consultants to join a learning community that focuses upon the development of inspiring Leadership and Facilitation – in the service of co-creating the future.

Dr Eliat Aram, the CEO of the Tavistock Institute joins the Faculty of this innovative programme where individuals are encouraged to develop their capability as reflective practitioners while learning to trust the creative flow of the field/context.

The programme offers the opportunity to find and develop our Unique Voice as Leaders, Managers and Change Agents; to gain confidence, presence and personal power; and to work with transformative processes in order to create breakthrough in groups, businesses, communities, large systems and the wider field.

It addresses the challenges of leading, managing, facilitating and consulting in the midst of an increasingly volatile, unpredictable and complex world. It features a relational and creative approach to organisational and field development. It actively explores the systemic interconnections between organisation and field and enquires into the roles and responsibilities of both individuals and business towards the field and the future.

For Tavistock Institute Alumni, there is the possibility of leapfrogging direct into the 2nd year of this innovative MSc programme – via APEL (Accreditation of Prior and Experiential Learning). Alumni of the Leicester conference or P3C and Coaching courses should enquire about this option when voicing their interest in the programme – see below.

The MSc programme is intentionally arranged in 4 blocks of 4 days to make it easy for people with busy lives or who live far away to participate.

Further details about this MSc in Leading Organisational Change & Development in a Volatile and Complex World can be downloaded here. The MSc is from the Metanoia Institute, London, validated by the University of Middlesex.

A Taster Day for this Programme is being run at Metanoia in Ealing on 30 June 2016

And applications are now being taken for:

  • Entry into Year 1 commencing  Oct 2016 – via a first degree (or equivalent qualification) &
  • Direct Entry into Year 2 commencing Oct 2016 – via Accreditation of Prior Learning

Please contact Cathy Simeon, Senior Academic Coordinator, at cathy.simeon@metanoia.ac.uk  to express your interest or to obtain an application form, further details of the programme, application procedures etc.

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