NEETS in Action

NEETS in Action

Developing an innovative model, TIHR continues research with young people who are NEET in Europe.

NEETS in Action – TIHR continues research with young people who are NEET in Europe.

Following the completion of the project NEETS at RISK we have been invited to join the subsequent project NEETS in Action. While the previous project aimed at developing a model to help prevent young people from becoming NEET (i.e., neither in employment nor in education or training), this European project focuses developing a model to re-integrate young people who are NEET into employment, education or training. For the current project, we are working in partnership with seven other organisations from four different countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

The first part of the project involves an intensive desk-research phase around the NEET phenomenon: to document the situation in the partner countries and to identify existing examples of best practice in integrating young people into employment, education or training. This was complemented by a visit to Germany organised by the German partner ISOB GmbH with support from the strategic partner City Hall of Regensburg. This visit was used to engage with best practice examples of approaches to reach out to young people who are NEET and provide them with holistic support to transition to re-engage.

The next step will be to develop a model that builds on learning from this first stage and that can be adapted and piloted in Italy, Spain and Portugal. We are responsible for the impact evaluation and will be studying outcomes for young people and other stakeholders.

For further information, please contact Anna Sophie Hahne.

For more information on NEETS in Action see here.

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