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Updates and news about future events.

We continue to work hard on the design of an emerging public participation and engagement process that aims to reach the heart of NHS England decision making structures including the NHS England Board.

NHS Citizen will offer the possibility of different kinds of conversations to be had between Board members, NHS England commissioners and citizens to shape the future. In the model as it is currently being designed, there will be opportunities for NHS citizens to participate in Assembly Meetings with NHS England Board members, held at least twice a year and also during the year at other events. At these, issues that have been flagged by citizens and are of national interest will be discussed and debated.

Camilla Child and Leslie Brissett from the Tavistock Institute are working on this with three other organisations and NHS England. The Tavistock Institute is leading the strand on Relationships and Culture change.

All NHS Citizen design events are held in public, filmed and broadcast live on the web. If you would like to see us at work, please look at the event in Leeds.

All events involve citizens, health professionals, the voluntary and community sector and other health service commissioners working collaboratively. Our next regional event will be in Liverpool on 29th May and following that, there will be one on 19th June in Cambridge.

Regional Events

We are holding regional meetings across England to get ideas and feedback about what NHS Citizen should look like, how it will work and ask for ideas and comments.

29 May 2014
North West
The Women’s Organisation, 54 St James Street, Liverpool L1 0AB
[UPDATE] Read an overview of this event on the NHS Citizen blog (blogged by Camilia Child and Catherine Howe )

19 June 2014
East of England
Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA
You can book a free place here.

Design Workshops

Design workshops look at the current version of the design, and all the feedback and comments we have received. Working together we will design the next version of NHS Citizen. You can see the current version of the design here. You can also watch previous design workshops here.

The next events are:

  • Thursday 24th and Friday 25th July 2014 (two day event)
    The Station, Silver St, Bristol BS1 2AG
  • Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd October 2014 (two day event) Midlands & East
    Venue to be confirmed
  • Thursday 29th and Friday 30th January 2015 (two day event) London
    (venue to be confirmed)

For more information please contact Camilla Child or Leslie Brissett.

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