NTL’s 75th Jubilee!

NTL’s 75th Jubilee!

Join us this Friday – 22 July, to help the National Training Laboratory Institute celebrate

Join us this Friday – 22 July, to help the National Training Laboratory Institute celebrate

When the love of peace is more powerful than the love of power the world will know peace“- Jimi Hendrix

NTL is living its legacy, in the mirror, out the window!  From 20-23 July, it is celebrating 75 years of contributions in the field of Organisational Behaviour and Change across various ways: Applied behavioural science, T-Groups, Human Interaction and Laboratory Learning.  They are inviting everyone to join them in  an opportunity to reflect back on their work and to dream forward to their preferred future.

Jean Neumann will be exploring “Lewinian Principles for Integrating NTL and TIHR” linking to Jean’s four Lewin articles this Friday, 22 July, 14.45-16.00 EDT.

Exploring five themes through personal reflection, conversations with colleagues, group dialogue, panel discussions, and keynote presentations. The 3-day celebration will engage our minds and bodies through opportunities for connection, experiential exploration, musical entertainment, and movement. This will be an embodied celebration!  Themes include:

Kurt Lewin:  Exploring and using group relations and leadership theory to understand, develop, and support participatory, democratic processes.

T-Groups/HI Labs/OD Labs:  Deepening our emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the use-of-self as change agents to intervene effectively at all levels of human systems, including the individual, the group, and the community.

Laboratory Learning:  Using the principles of andragogy and adult learning, to ground our practice in theory, research, and personal, lived experience.

Group-level Differences:  Promoting positive inter-group relations, social justice, equity, social activism, and anti-racist initiatives to transform systems and group behaviour.

Applied Behavioural Science Research:  Using, publishing, and promoting science-driven and evidence-based practice approaches to advance the fields of Organization Development and Applied Behavioural Science.

To find out more about the Jubilee.  To request information about this celebration please contact at 75Jubilee2022@gmail.com.

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