On the Yoga Event at the Leicester Conference

On the Yoga Event at the Leicester Conference

Lunchtime Talk by Rachel Kelly, 10th February 2016.

Lunchtime Talk by Rachel Kelly, 10th February 2016.

One of the issues in the business of offering Group Relation conferences is: how do we offer experiences that are creative and relevant yet ensure that these are true to the fundamental tenets of designing and conducting Group Relation conferences. The Tavistock Institute has been offering the Yoga Event in the Leicester conference for the past 8 years and this talk seeks to clarify some fundamentals about the nature and purpose of Yoga; its contribution to members’ learning; what it might represent within the conference, coming out of the myths and fantasies expressed and some of the resistances it faces.

Rachel manages the recruitment, administration and support systems that deliver the TIHR Professional Development portfolio, including:

Rachel Kelly is passionately committed to life-long learning and continual personal and professional development. She has been a teacher of the Alexander Technique for a number of years: a gestalt field that can be studied and practiced to rediscover or re-learn the integration of your psychophysical self through conscious awareness – towards vitality, inner strength, presence, poise, health and wellbeing. She is the Alexander Technique teacher at Cancerkin at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

All this informs Rachel’s evolving interest in the integration of mind, body, spirit, particularly through the study and practice of Yoga. She currently leads the Leicester conference’s Yoga Event and occasionally teaches yoga at the Institute, as well as developing her knowledge and practice of this ancient discipline. Thinking and writing about how Group Relations, the Alexander Technique, Yoga and administration interconnect is one of her current core interests.

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