Power, Authority, Trust : Exploring Vulnerability and Caribbean Leadership

Power, Authority, Trust : Exploring Vulnerability and Caribbean Leadership

A three-day Group Relations Conference in Trinidad and Tobago, 19—21 October 2023


10 May 2023


St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean Leadership is now in a more vulnerable position than ever before, and at the same time on fertile ground for innovation and development. Today in 2023, traditional structures and processes are unprotected by the rapid change in technology, instant communication, and the ease of acquiring knowledge and skills.

The fast pace of technology and the challenges of global supply chain, geo political and climate change, invite Caribbean leaders to come together in collaboration, to harness the opportunities emerging, for the modernization and growth of organizations and the region.

Leaders are now more vulnerable and at more risk, as authority keeps shifting in the present technological world. Power is the force that drives people to engage in a direction for the benefit and survival of organizations. This force may be transmitted or move, depending on the authority of persons or groups with control of the resources, and resonance.

How do you find and make sense of your role, in your context? How is power lost or transferred in a networked world? Who holds authority when power keeps shifting? How can leaders maintain their authority and be comfortable with their vulnerability in an unstable environment? What can leaders or organizations do to take the necessary risks required for collaboration and growth, when the trauma of past experiences is very present and the economic and social environment is unfamiliar?

Join us for this experiential learning event, at The University of the West Indies St Augustine Campus, Faculty of Social Sciences, where we discover as leaders, Vulnerabilities and Caribbean Leadership, with the complexity of Power Authority and Trust in this accelerated technological world.

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