a Practical Seminar Series for Organisational Change...


5 January 2018

a Practical Seminar Series for Organisational Change.

New for 2018 – a series of 1-day seminars on Organisational Change. These ‘shamelessly practical’ seminars will delve into the dilemmas, difficulties and joys that arise on a regular basis in organisational life. They are for all those managing or leading internal change projects and for those providing either internal or external consultancy to organisations or systems. They are designed so that you can attend just one or two or the whole series.

The first two seminars are based on models developed by Dr Jean Neumann, one of our Professional Partners in Scholarly Practice and  an established Professional Member of the NTL Institute. Jean will be co-leading these first two seminars with Tavistock Institute faculty.

Both seminars focus on the Use of the Self as Instrument:- the first seminar on 8 March will provide time and space for you to explore the complexity of juggling not just work / life balance, but your total life space. You will consider different perspectives and develop ways to nurture synergies between different aspects of your life. identifying personal priorities; notice  The second on 28 June explores how to locate/position oneself as an Organisational Consultant and ways of embracing the opportunities and challenges arising.

These first 2 seminars are a collaboration between the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations – TIHR (UK) and NTL Institute (USA), both credited with founding applied social sciences.  Both Institutes are celebrating their 70th Anniversaries this year and this collaboration honours them both.

Each seminar is held on a single day in central London and is non-residential.
For a leaflet and more details of the fee and discount packages, future seminar dates and venue or if you have any questions, please contact Anabel Navarro: a.navarro@tavinstitute.org

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