Professional Development for the Development Professionals

Professional Development for the Development Professionals

The Leicester conference

The Leicester conference: leadership and management education and development

Where do the Academics and thought leaders go for THEIR further learning and development – and get to simultaneously work in partnership with those working in real-world contemporary organisations? Many would answer, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

We at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations have been leading thinking about human relations in organisations, society and communities since 1947.

We, like you, the leading minds and developers, are called upon to advise governments and corporations at the highest levels, often working behind the scenes in the most sensitive and delicate areas of policy and delivery. We have found ourselves referred to as “the Consultant’s Consultant”, “the Coach’s Coach” and “the trainer’s trainer”. Our work brings us into contact with talent from the likes of INSEAD, Harvard, McKinseys, Barclays, PwC and Deloitte, to name a few.

We know how hard it is for top-flight consultancies and academics to find people that they can trust to contain and stretch learning for the very brightest and most knowledgeable minds. In addition to work with a learning development organisation that is able to offer the security and discretion required for those in the most sensitive roles, is equally challenging.

If you are a commissioner of learning for your organisation or network, or you are a thought leader looking to deepen your practice amongst those leading in their field, then we are open to hear from you and support your organisation’s learning aspirations.

If you have plans in place already or are thinking about the incoming learning year, now is the time to discuss how your plans for your people can benefit from Tavistock Institute learning opportunities in general and the Leicester Conference our flagship “Global Leadership Intensive” in particular.

You can read more about the Leicester Conference – a 14-day experiential learning laboratory, a leadership intensive.

Apply online or contact Rachel Kelly, Pre Conference administrator: R.Kelly@Tavistinstitute.org

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