Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Celebrating our 2015-16 Professional Development programmes.

Celebrating our 2015-16 Professional Development programmes.

The Tavistock Institute’s newly appointed chairperson, Cliff Oswick, Professor of Organisation Theory at Cass Business School, hosted our annual Graduation Ceremony last week.  In his loving speech he said he was privileged to be our Chair at this time. “it is easy to hold on to the great successes of the past and of the TIHR’s remarkable history”, he said, “but it is a privilege to be in this position at this time, as the Tavistock Institute is on a wonderful journey in the present and into the future”.

Out of the 27 international and UK graduates of the Tavistock Institute’s current Professional Development programmes 17 attended in person. Amongst them was Principal TIHR Consultant and P3C core-faculty Camilla Child who spoke to the power of continued engagement and life-long learning. All the graduates said a few words when receiving their certificates, a testament to the rich community of practice the TIHR continues to nurture. This was also acknowledged by the Tavistock Institute’s CEO, Eliat Aram, in her closing remarks. James Mackay, Founder and Director of the Coaching for Leadership and Supervision courses was in attendance, delighted to shake hands and congratulate the excited graduates.

The graduates will go on to join the Tavistock Institute’s growing Alumni, who testify to the fact that participating in our conferences, programmes and courses enhances career progression. David Strudley, graduating from the Dynamics at Board-Level said the course has simply changed his life.

At the heart of our approach in our accredited programmes is providing opportunities to learn by experience. Our track record confirms that learning how to respond effectively and adeptly amid the turbulence of organisational life, by building on participants’ own knowledge and learning, contributes uniquely to expanding organisational, community and wider society’s role-taking capability.

To find out more about our courses and other professional development offers please contact Rachel Kelly, Professional Development Coordinator.

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