Real presence: there’s a chair waiting for you…

Real presence: there’s a chair waiting for you…

An Early Bird discount at Task Authority Organisation, the Leicester conference...(deadline: 6 March)

and an Early Bird discount.

….at Task Authority Organisation, the Leicester conference: Presence in Absence: IN & OUT @ Work.

Take advantage of the £700 Early Bird discount available up to 6 March – you can apply here.

Perhaps you are seeking inspiration, new perspectives, challenges – an opportunity for making real and lasting change in the life of your organisation. Maybe you want to learn.  You want to develop your skills and your potential. You are curious and seek new experiences – and seek to inspire others. Come to the Leicester conference (5 – 18 August 2017) to learn through rather than learning about leadership, to talk about what is usually unspoken and difficult to say and to make real change and transformation come about.

What differentiates Tavistock approaches from others is the emphasis we place on unconscious dynamics, including defences against anxiety. That is, to go beneath the surface of tensions and conflicts in order that our deeper fears and aspirations are worked through so people feel that they are adding value to and having more ownership of the groups they work with, their organisations and the wider communities that they serve.

We believe that this is key to what makes the Leicester conference influential and unique in the world of leadership training and this is what people say they come to us for.

More information about the conference can be found here. For a brochure or if you have any questions, please contact Rachel Kelly, Conference Administrator:

e: r.kelly@tavinstitute.org
t: +44 (0)20 7457 3927

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