Reimagining the Now: Authority, Leadership & Purpose

Reimagining the Now: Authority, Leadership & Purpose

A springtime Group Relations Conference in Israel, 19—24 March 2023


13 January 2023


Haifa, Israel

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Reimagining the Now: Authority, Leadership & Purpose — the 35th OFEK International Group Relations conference held in person from 19-24 March near Haifa in Israel.  The working language is English.

Why join? 

2023 has just begun and many of us may be wondering: ‘what now?’

The events of the last three years have disrupted almost every aspect of our lives. Though the dust has begun to settle, the impact is ongoing. Perhaps our priorities are shifting; or the way we interact with others; or even the way we move around and travel.

  • How and where will we work?
  • Can we trust the institutions and systems we depend on?
  • How do we move forward and where are we moving to?

With growing social and political divisions, rising food and energy prices, a war that threatens to escalate and the mounting consequences of climate change, will the disruptions themselves be disrupted?

Is this the new now?

Of course, in this moment, there is also an opportunity to discover new options; to imagine and to reimagine; to make sense of what is happening in the now in order to better prepare for what is to come.

  • What resources and new insights will be needed to reshape our communities and organisations in a purposeful way, and to build resilience in the face of such instability?
  • How do we find the passion and how does this impact the way we take up our authority in our roles as citizens, and as both leaders and followers?

A Group Relations Conference is a unique “living laboratory” where participants and staff have the opportunity to look deeply into the now and to explore how each of us can actively respond to the precarious moment.

We invite you to join us at the 35th OFEK International Group Relations Conference where we will explore these and other questions. As an experiential learning event it provides the opportunity to study one’s own behaviour as it happens in real time, to experience and reflect and try out new ways of being and acting in a setting removed from daily life.

Participants and staff form a temporary organisation, take up a variety of roles and explore the conscious and unconscious dynamics that unfold in the exercise of authority and emergence of leadership in the context of evolving realities. The insights gained from this kind of direct learning can be powerful and long lasting. And, as a participant from a previous conference observed:

Israel remains an unusually fertile ground for introspection and deep reflection.”

The conference takes place in person in the tranquil setting of the Eden Inn Hotel in Zichron Yaakov, a small town overlooking the Mediterranean.

Directed by Leila Djemal and with Rachel Kelly of the Institute on staff.

For more information and to register online.  For further details or if you have any questions please  contact the conference administrators, Ran Carmeli and Ori Weyl: ofekgrc@gmail.com

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