Rethinking the Here + Now

Rethinking the Here + Now

Working with ideas of Place as a dynamic aspect of role and change.


19 May 2019

Working with ideas of Place as a dynamic aspect of role and change

Being receptive to the moment and identifying what we might be in touch within our experiences, are essential skills of working in the ‘here and now’ as we attempt to understand the dynamics of how organisations function, and the way in which changes occur.

When Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, says ‘We’re a long way from Kansas, Toto’, she has lost her familiarity with place and belonging that might help orientate her in the strange world she finds herself. Many of us might think we are in a similar world right now, as political, economic and environmental changes impact on our organisations, and with it our capacities to make sense of turbulent conditions.

This seminar will introduce participants to ideas on Place, as a key aspect of working in the ‘here’ of ‘here and now’. Places orientate us, fill us with sensory impressions which influence how we think and feel, and shape our perceptions of how we might take up our roles in contexts of change: Who am I? Who am I here? Who can I be here?

We will consider how places, and contexts are formative in the way we establish our identities, and the patterns of attachment that accompany us into work-places, mobilising or inhibiting our capacities to initiate, innovate and respond to change.

This will be an interactive seminar: some ‘soundbite’ models will be offered to help shape discussion of ideas, and we will use a variety of media to explore how you can bring an awareness of Place into your practice.

Led by Karen Izod, Professional Partner, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, consultant, coaching practitioner and academic working in the field of organisational change and Coreene Archer, Principal Organisational Consultant & Leadership Coach & Director of the Launching Young Leaders workshops, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

This seminar, on Friday, 12 July, is part of a series of 1-day seminars on Organisational Change. These ‘shamelessly practical’ seminars delve into the dilemmas, difficulties and joys that arise on a regular basis in organisational life.

These seminars are for consultants; leaders; managers; Human Resource professionals; coaches; leadership, team and organisational development practitioners; psychologists and other social scientists – anyone working with change in 1:1, group, organisational and system contexts.

Designed so that you can attend one or two or the whole series, each seminar is held on a single day in central London and is non-residential.  The next seminar is on 28 June: Locating and Positioning Ourselves as Consultants for Organisational Change.

You can apply here.

1 seminar = £300 + VAT

2 seminars booked at the same time = £260 + VAT each.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Anabel Navarro: a.navarro@tavinstitute.org

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