Rock and Role

Rock and Role

Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy and Change (P3C) - Join us to shape, unfold and deepen your consultancy practice through this dynamic and experiential...

Join us to shape, unfold and deepen your consultancy practice through this dynamic and experiential professional development programme, now in its ninth year.

We are now inviting applications for the next cohort of the Tavistock Institute’s P3C (Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy and Change) programme.

The programme is suitable for anyone wanting to deepen their interaction and the meaning of their interventions with organisations whether as an internal or external consultant or as a social consultant aiming to bring about change in the community.

This is a challenging and constantly evolving programme that invites participants to experiment and take up their role as consultants in exciting new ways in a temporary learning system: by intervening; exchanging across each other’s organisations; observing; learning from each other; planning; designing and evaluating.

It is designed this way because organisations are constantly evolving. As Eric Trist foresaw it:

To succeed in a problem-continuing environment, post-industrial politics must become both more informed and more participative than the politics of industrialism, more devolved and open to more rapid and continuous feedback.  Post-industrial [wo]man will spend more of [their] time in politics than industrial [wo]man and more in the planning processes associated with it.  S/He may be presumed to have the leisure.
Trist, E & Emery FE, (1973) ‘Towards a Social Ecology: contextual appreciations of the future in the present.’

Working in organisations today, there is a prerequisite to open ourselves up to understanding them in a more abstract way:

  • By becoming more aware of the shape and character of their constantly shifting boundaries;
  • By understanding better what happens to us in contact with these boundaries;
  • By learning to live with the unfolding and refolding complexity of these systems.

This certificated programme combines experiential learning, practice-based consultancy groups and theory, with sense-making forums and activities. The format is 5 residential modules beginning in January 2017 based in Cumberland Lodge just to the west of London.

To express an interest, find out more about the programme and/or talk to faculty staff, email Rachel, Professional Development Coordinator: r.kelly@tavinstitute.org

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