Self Leadership, Group Leadership Workshop

Self Leadership, Group Leadership Workshop

Exploring managing others and managing yourself - workshop for young leaders

Exploring managing others and managing yourself

When thinking about the future of the work, the focus is often on Millennials and the now ironically named Zoomers refers to people born between 1981 and 2012.[1] The people in these two generations, who fall between the ages of 11-40, are the managers and leaders for tomorrow.

If you are at University or entering the world of work, you may find that you are highly sought after by employers. They are looking for your technological skills and familiarity with the digital world and recognise that younger workers are willing to move on quickly and are often looking for a return on their investment.

Are you ready to meet the growing expectations of employers? Can you lead a team, department, or project? Do you know whether you want to be in the background or centre stage? The Self Leadership, Group leadership online workshop, helps you explore how to take up a position in your organisation or group.

The workshop is a place to explore who you are and your leadership aspirations or potential. It is aimed at young people aged between 18-35 and will help you understand not just how to lead, but how you should be led. The workshop helps you to notice how you show up in groups and whether you are the one who speaks first – or not at all but wishes you had. In a recent PWC report, a recruiter stated:

 “This generation has a sense of entitlement. They look for higher starting salaries, flexible work schedules and company-provided iPhones… they want constant praise and promotion almost the minute they join”.

This shows an assumption about what work means to you and how you will “show up”, which may underpin a biased view of younger people who are forcing the world to change. Most organisations have realised that clinging to rigid ways of operating is no longer suitable for younger employees who are more productive if they have greater autonomy over where, when and how they work – but you need to know how to function in this increasingly competitive environment.

For more information about the next Self Leadership, Group leadership online workshop, or to speak to Coreene Archer, Workshop Director, please contact Emily Kyte.

The fee for attending the workshop is £50

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Timeline of generations in the Western world by CMG Lee

[1] Although these dates do vary slightly in different research.

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