Social Seducement

Social Seducement

Call for UK-based facilitators.


4 July 2016

Call for UK-based facilitators.

Deadline for applications: 9am, 14th July 2016

Social Seducement is getting nearer to the piloting stage and we are is seeking three facilitators to lead piloting of the new, serious online Role-playing game (RPG) in the UK between November 2016 and May 2017.  Successful applicants will be:

  • Skilled facilitators, enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the development of an innovative training tool which aims to empower people to develop social enterprise and employability skills;
  • Experienced in supporting the development of social enterprise skills and/or at working with ‘disadvantaged’ groups.

At a time of change in the UK’s position within the EU, this is a chance to be part of an ongoing European partnership, which is working together to develop and provide engaging, learning opportunities for people wanting to find or create their own employment. Facilitators will be able to use the RPG in their future work with people and join an EU-wide facilitators’ network.

To find out more about the role and how to apply, please click on the links below:

Call for Facilitators

Facilitators’ recruitment questionnaire

Facilitator competence portfolio

Storyboard Poster for the game

Draft game demo

How to find out more and apply

Application is by form and CV only, available above or on the Social Seducement website, together with the facilitator competence portfolio, storyboard poster and a draft game demo. Further information is also available on the Social Seducement website.

Please send your completed application to recruitment@tavinstitute.org, with the headline ‘Social Seducement Facilitator application’, together with a CV, detailing your work and education history by 9am, 14 July 2016. If you would like an informal conversation about the project before applying, please email with your contact details and a member of the team will be in contact.


This project has been funded by the European Union.

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