Tavistock at ‘Art & Activism’ in Liverpool 2020

Tavistock at ‘Art & Activism’ in Liverpool 2020

Inviting contributions to an arts stream – Across the Universe


9 December 2019

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Inviting contributions to an arts stream – Across the Universe

As one of the first activities under the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding formalising the collaboration between the Tavistock Institute and Christ Church Business School at Canterbury Christ Church University, we are pleased to announce we will be curating a stream of activities at next year’s Art of Management and Organisation (AoMO) conference taking place in Liverpool, 20-23 August 2020.

Our workstream will showcase and explore the emergence of the arts as an ‘active’ or ‘activating’ discipline and practice amongst the trans-disciplinary applied social science methods of the Tavistock Institute.  The arts allow us to explore concepts like creativity, unique design, prototyping and reproduction, curating and public engagement, amongst others. This is also the framework that is behind the recently launched Deepening Creative Practice programme at the Tavistock Institute which weaves together the arts and social sciences across five seasons. 

Our experience in the Archive Project, our 70th Anniversary Festival and other presentations, events and projects linked to the opening of our archives invite us also to explore how art coupled with history can contribute to the overall theme of the Art&Activism conference.

It is our intention to work with participants on questions like:

  • How do we describe the world we live in now?
  • What are the implications for practice informed by the social engagement of social science?
  • How can engaging with history and art can bring innovations to light and what will we take into the future?

We envisage that various methodologies, practice and activities can be legitimately included in the stream. We are thinking of, but not limited to:

  • Social Dreaming Matrices
  • Displays – Past, Present & Future: From the Tavistock Institute Archive.
  • Poetry Readings
  • Artworks
  • Performances
  • Presentation of reflective papers.

We are now inviting transdisciplinary proposals along the lines of enquiry and activities suggested above and more! Further information about our call is here.

The deadline for final proposals is 1 February 2020.  Please let us know if you would like to discuss the stream in more detail. Any suggestions; questions or clarifications please don’t hesitate to be in touch – we are happy to discuss and explore ideas with you.

Juliet Scott – j.scott@tavinstitute.org
Antonio Sama – antonio.sama@canterbury.ac.uk

Image credit: Double Vision/Double Speak – workshop led by artists Rosalind Fowler and James Holcombe

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