Teamwork in the time of Coronavirus

Teamwork in the time of Coronavirus

Understanding Virtual Group Dynamics. The Digital Surgery is now open.

Understanding Virtual Group Dynamics

Coronavirus is now officially a global pandemic, one which is unprecedented in our lifetimes. The risk to life particularly amongst the most vulnerable in society has meant that governments across the world are restricting freedom of movement and this is likely to increase.

In the UK and beyond, social distancing has meant that everyone who can, will be working from home potentially for months to come. And working at a distance means working with virtual group dynamics (Group Relations), where trust, rapport and understanding can be harder to develop.

The aim of the Digital Surgery is to help participants, facilitators, leaders, managers and workers to understand how to operate effectively in the virtual space. We will focus our session on the dynamics that take place within the group which can sabotage the process of working together, rather than the practicalities of using technology.

Tensions can be found in any group in times of stress but are especially amplified amongst individuals, groups or teams working in separate locations or those that don’t know each other because there is less trust.

  • How do you improve the way meetings work?
  • How do you keep on task?
  • How do you manage the power dynamics, particularly when working with international colleagues who feel far away?
  • How do you work with static or stuck meetings or those with long silences?

All these issues, plus any others that are presented, will be addressed in the Digital Surgery which is a regular and confidential virtual space for business leaders and managers; consultants, coaches and other professionals to explore, with Tavistock Consultants, how to work more effectively in the digital world.

It allows for the discussion of challenging team dynamics and individual behaviours in order to explore root causes and options on how to work with them. We work with a case study model so that the learning is applied and relevant to everyone present.

We invite you to join the Surgery, (the first one is on Monday, 6 April 2020), meeting regularly for 75 minutes every 2 months on a Monday, on Zoom, to unpack the challenges that are presented by working virtually.

Wherever you are in the world, you can join the subscription at any time to gain from the wisdom of others and share yours.  More dates will be added for 2021.

If you have any questions or would like a chat about the Digital Surgery and what you can get out of it, please contact Anabel Navarro, Professional Development Manager.

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