The couch at sea!

The couch at sea!

A new Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy.

A new Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy.

In a famous phrase, Otto Kernberg once described psychoanalysis applied to organisations as ‘the couch at sea’, to point up how difficult it was to transmute a discipline which enjoyed the safety of the consulting-room and the authority of the analyst, to an environment where such a hermetically sealed system was not so viable, and instability abounded.

As coaching expands across the world, there is a growing realisation that the coach, too, often operating for and with organisations, is often at sea, and requires a compass and at least some sort of contact with dry land. S/he may hit ‘blocks’ in the coaching, may develop some kind of antipathy for the client, or be on the receiving end of the same, or may have simply run out of creative energy. This translates into the need for a supervisor, someone who can offer:

  • a fresh perspective on a case;
  • new models, techniques and theories;
  • insight into the psychodynamics of the relationship between the coach and client (and indeed between the coach and supervisor) which may be inhibiting the effectiveness of the coaching;
  • a safe place, a non-judgemental approach and the emotional containment which allows difficult issues to be explored.

The Tavistock Institute’s Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy course, which emerges not only from psychodyamic and systems theory, but also from the new perspectives of postmodernism and management theory, provides a rich experience for those seeking to develop into a supervisor who will genuinely add value and insight to their clients, enabling them in turn to be more effective, resilient and imaginative coaches.

The Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy course is for Coaches with at least 5 years’ experience and is directed by Dr Eliat Aram and Dr James Mackay, who have extensive coaching and supervision experience across private and public sectors and also direct the internationally recognised Certificate in Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development.  The course is non-residential, based in central London and comprises 3 x 2-day modules.

For a brochure and more details of the fee, dates and venue or if you have any questions, please contact Rachel Kelly, Professional Development Coordinator.

James Mackay, Course Director

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