The first issue of OPEN

The first issue of OPEN

is launched in the Exhibiting Season of Deepening Creative Practice with organisations.


1 June 2021

is launched in the Exhibiting Season of Deepening Creative Practice with organisations.

The first cohort of participants in the Deepening Creative Practice programme have curated a series of invitations to practice and for reflection. This first issue is available to download. It will also be available in hard copy from the Institute.

OPEN Issue 1 draws on the work of the year-long programme and on the learning and insights from the contributions of artists and practitioners from a range of creative disciplines. It reflects engagement with new, emergent and traditional practices. It captures a focus on the intersection between different kinds of knowledges – including organisation development, deep listening, bodywork and attunement – and attention to the scripts, both acknowledged and accidental – which inform our practice.

This first issue honours and enacts the creative process of the programme. The form, format, content and presentation play with the many overlapping and changing focuses over our five seasons of working together as a temporary organisation. Elements come into focus or disappear; fragments fall off the page or are difficult to read; the longing for connection is interrupted by assumptions, miscommunication and competing needs. The curators of this issue draw attention to the dynamics of scripts, the value of constraints, unfaithful memories and trust in emerging practice.

Keep an eye out for further issues from Deepening Creative Practice which will be available in the coming months.

Update: A taster for the hard copy version of OPEN, show here by Marie Beauchamps, one of the DCP participants.

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