For the job of your dreams

For the job of your dreams

Who do you need to be? What millennials regard as essential...

Who do you need to be?  What millennials regard as essential…

I am surely not the first to say that the world that we live in is changing, not least, the world of work. Disillusion about the challenges of work seem more alive now than in the recent past – perhaps because the demands are greater (longer hours, more competition for jobs), but the rewards (promotion, the option to move out of your childhood home, a clearer sense of the future) seem less accessible.

A recent article in the Sunday Times confirmed this view when it shared research findings* that 93% students want a career where they can make a difference. 2018 saw a wave of resolve amongst social media influencers to “live life with purpose” or to be “guided by daily purpose”.  In the not too distant past, the idea that work could be filled with purpose or value would have been regarded as a “nice to have” goal, aim or desire.  Now in the search for employment, they are at the heart of the values that millennials regard as essential.

Having aspirations and desires is a good thing, but sometimes achieving them is the challenge. Launching Young Leaders is a one-day, interactive workshop designed to help you explore who you are, what you want and how to get it. We will help you think about the role you take up at work, sometimes these are formal roles and sometimes informal.  We will help you explore the concept of leadership and the type of leader and/or follower that you are. It is a space to reflect upon the circles of influence you have access to and how to make the most of them.

Previous participants have found the day isn’t quite what they were expecting and one said:

“I really enjoyed that the day was interactive as I thought this was a great way to learn. I particularly enjoyed the inter-group exercise as I thought that this was incredibly enlightening and helped me to understand a lot about myself and how I work… This truly was enlightening and I have thought a lot about the lessons that I took from the day since.” 

Executive Coach, Palma Michel states “we all need a ‘why’ to our lives” and I think she is right. One of the “whys” for the Tavistock Institute is to help individuals grow into the people they want to be.  To help younger people who might not normally have access to this kind of experiential professional development opportunity, we run this workshop as a ‘social investment’ programme – which is why the cost is low, allowing us to embody our values.

If you would like an opportunity to explore your values and aspirations, join us for the next workshop on Friday, 27 April in Old Street, central London. Download the brochure and apply online. For more information please contact Rachel Kelly r.kelly@tavinstitute.org who will be able to assist you.

Coreene Archer
Director, Launching Young Leaders

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