Theory of Change at a telling time

Theory of Change at a telling time

Innovative methods of providing timely information to citizens - The Tavistock Institute evaluates pilots.


1 February 2010

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, with Professional Partner Joe Cullen, has been commissioned by Communities and Local Government (CLG) to evaluate local pilots that use innovative methods of providing timely information to citizens (TIC).

CLG is working with local partnerships to pilot a range of innovative approaches to sharing information with citizens, community groups and with third parties. The aim of the TIC pilots is to establish which new and untested approaches to informing citizens are effective and efficient at doing so and are worthy of wider consideration by local partnerships.

The research builds upon an impressive track record that The Tavistock Institute has in working at Local Government level and in the field of evaluating UK, European and international level programmes that use web 2.0 technologies in order to engage or change society.

The research will evaluate the different methods for communicating timely information to citizens examining what works and in which circumstances; to capture best practice; provide formative intelligence on how the pilots can optimise their impact and meet their objectives; value for money; and effectiveness of the pilots informing hard to reach groups.

In doing so The Tavistock Institute Team consisting of Joe Cullen, Camilla Child, Shaun Doidge, Giorgia Iacopini and David Drabble, will use a number of methodologies including a case study approach, quantitative surveys, qualitative interviews and action learning throughout the evaluation.

In addition the evaluation will use the Theory of Change (ToC) method, further enhancing our proficiency and reputation as experts when using ToC in research. The evaluation will work with each of the twenty pilot sites across the UK.

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