TIHR 70 Festival Picks 3

TIHR 70 Festival Picks 3

Third in the series highlighting festival contributions.


24 September 2017

Antonio Sama, TIHR Professional Partner and key contributor to the festival team and the ongoing archival work selects his stand out moments from the festival programme.

Don’t forget to book your place at our festival centrepiece taking place on Thursday

19th October – a symposium of four thought provoking pieces offering a deep reflection on the meaning of the Institute’s work and history.

For your printable version of the programme to help you in selecting and booking events please click here.

Animating Evidence

Join an installation that presents how animation can contribute to the contemporary social engagement of social sciences. Kerstin Junge will demonstrate how moving images helps disseminate the result of Tavistock Institute EU and UK funded projects.

When: All day, 17th – 20th October
Where: Swiss Church

Past, Present & Future: From the Tavistock Institute Archive

Join Elena Carter in this exhibition of vignettes of few stories in the Tavistock Institute Archive. Tours of the Wellcome Library and practical demonstrations of how to navigate the catalogue will make this a hands-on experience.

When: All day, 17th – 20th October
Where: Swiss Church & Wellcome Library

To book the Library Tour & Archive Show & Tell
When: 2pm – 3.30pm, Tues 17th October (link to Tuesdays ticket here)
12pm – 1.30pm, Wed 18th October (link to Wednesdays ticket here)
Where: Reading Room, Wellcome Library

TIHR Projects over the Decades

A video will help you navigating, through selected projects from each decade, 70 years of projects of the Tavistock Institute. Anna Sophie Hahne, Dione Hills, Cristina Castellanos will bring projects back to life using original photos and recording.

When: All day, 17th – 20th October
Where: Garden Museum

Learning from young leaders in the Peruvian Amazon

How the Group Relation tradition can be adapted to provide a learning experience in the Peruvian Amazon? You are invited to interact beyond language and cultures with the participants of 7 year program HOPE OF THE AMAZON. Heather Stradling and Nick Preston will bring together young adults in the UK with the work of young people from the Amazon, led by Beatriz Rodriguez Macuyama, Jhonatan Rodriguez Macuyama and Ronal Huaje Wampuch.

When: 3pm – 4.30pm, Tues 17th October
Where: Swiss Church
Book Directly here

Object Relations: A Still Life Exhibition

The Tavistock Institute Artist in Residence Juliet Scott will exhibit her research on the question of art, objects, artefacts, cultural interventions, aesthetic form in the work of the Tavistock Institute.

When: All day, 17th – 20th October
Where: Swiss Church

Democracy at Risk: How Group Relations Illuminates

With a highly interactive world café Sarah Brazaitis and Debra A. Noumair will present their experience of using group relations for teaching, learning and facilitating how the wicked problems of our day can only be tackled collectively. An illuminating application of a tradition.

When: 4pm – 5.30pm, Wed 18th October
Where: Swiss Church, 79 Endell St
Book Directly here

History at Work: Building Organisational Memory, Empathy & Compassion

On the back of the growing interest in history Michael Weatherburn will lead a two-hour dialogical interdisciplinary session. Small group discussion and large group feedback will allow participants to experience historical and organisational reflexivity.

When: 9.30am – 11.30am, Thurs 19th October
Where: Swiss Church
Book Directly here

Digital Transformation & Leadership in Times of Industry 4.0

How digitisation and the new technologies will impact work, roles and processes? Which skills, both technological and psychological, can help dealing with the unknown and mew technology? Hüseyin Özdemir will lead a session where, after a presentation and some experience, you will be contributing to create a picture of our near future.

When: 12pm – 1pm, Fri 20th October
Where: Swiss Church
Book Directly here

From Dystopias to Desirable Futures in Human Relations

Join this event to share dystopic images of our undesirable futures. Rocco Scolozzi and Valerio Marco will use a systemic approach to identify the processes leading to this futures. Through a back-casting exercise you will be then helped to visualise the pre-conditions that might trigger negative dynamics in the future.

When: 2pm – 5.30pm, Fri 20th October
Where: Swiss Church
Book Directly here

Ambient Jam Collective

Drawing upon “Object Relations: A Still Life Together” Entelechy Arts will lead a multi-media dance improvisation open to all age and abilities. This is a way of social dreaming that foregrounds kinaesthetic intelligence and sensory perception.

When: 3.40pm-5pm, Fri 20th October
Where: Swiss Church
Book Directly here

We are really looking forward to seeing you there.  Watch this space for further festival highlights and updates.

Antonio Sama, TIHR Professional Partner

Want to know more about the archive?
The catalogue is available for research at Wellcome Library.

The festival will take place from Tuesday 17th October to Friday 20th October 2017.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our partners in this work: Canterbury Christ Church University Business School and Wellcome Library. We are also grateful for the generous sponsorship of SAGE and Wedlake Bell, and a contribution to the festival from the legacy of Group Relations in the Netherlands.

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