United and Divided We Stand

United and Divided We Stand

Leadership, Authority, Political Identity, and __________

Leadership, Authority, Political Identity, and __________

The New York Center for Groups, Organizations, and Social Systems is excited to announce an upcoming online Group Relations one-day event that foregrounds political identity, directed by Dr Patrick Jean-Pierre.

United & Divided We Stand: Leadership, Authority, Political Identity, and _____________

When: 20 February 2021 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST) via Zoom

All are invited to join: this one-day event is designed to engage participants of varying political persuasions in a dialogue across the boundaries of party lines using Group Relations methodology.

As members, participants will have the opportunity to explore what is beneath the surface of what unites and divides us politically while forming a temporary learning organisation with staff. Staff representing various political party affiliations, ideologies, and group identities will be present to facilitate members’ learning.

Group Relations offers a dynamic lens for exploring conscious and unconscious behaviour within groups, organisations, and social systems. More specifically, Group Relations thinking offers insight into our experiences of group life across the different contexts that make up our daily lives, such as at home, the workplace and within society at large.

We encourage those who are new to the ideas and concepts of Group Relations to join as familiarity with Group Relations methodology is not required to attend.

For more information and to reserve your place, register by Saturday, 6 February 2021. Space is limited. For all queries, email: thenewyorkcenterGRC@gmail.com

Elyce Cole, Consultant/ Researcher from the Tavistock Institute, is the Director of Administration for this event. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a proud sponsor of this event.

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