Where am I going?

Where am I going?

How can I get there? Young people on the move...


24 January 2018

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How can I get there? Young people on the move…

Whether you are a new employee or graduate, in a new role or sector, being young has never been easy; it is a time of transition for many as you move from one place to another – physically and emotionally. It’s the time of leaving home, university or college; taking up new roles in new locations; leaving friends and family; familiar routines, safety and warm memories. Transition is about change: growth and loss. It is the moment you say goodbye to the person you used to be without the certainty of who you will become.

Launching Young Leaders is a 1-day workshop designed to help young people explore the impact of transition and examine the many questions that you may have. We help you think about yourself in relation to the place you work or study and your place in it; we help you explore the roles you hold in your family, with your friends and your colleagues; we help you think about the society that you are in and how you can influence it effectively.

Perhaps, rather than struggling with growth and change you are feeling stuck. For some, change is exciting but for many others it is a time of anxiety. You seem to be making progress in your life and your work – but to what end?  This can provoke a range of questions and concerns and you may find yourself having thoughts like:

  • Why has my temporary job somehow lasted more than a year?
  • Are my best years behind me when I still feel like I haven’t done anything with my life yet?
  • I remember being 15 or so and thinking about how, in my twenties, I’d have my life together and be smashing it…
  • Me and my mates were all impoverished youngsters together before, but now my peers are mostly working in higher-paid industries, will likely be richer than me for the foreseeable future and the income-gap is probably only going to widen, which kinda sucks.
  • I want to escape somehow.
  • I’m torn between thinking ‘f*** it, I’m going to pack in my job and go see the world while I can’ and ‘s***, I need to climb the career ladder and work really hard so I can achieve some success in my life’.

If you’re having similar thoughts, you are probably going through a quarter-life crisis, according to Rachel Hosie in a recent article in The Independent!  And research shows these are very common – the majority of 18-26 year olds long to find a career they’re passionate about.  So what can you do?

At the last workshop one participant said:

“Thank you! I really took a lot from the day. I think it has influenced and inspired me quite a lot – even in small day-to-day interactions where I might not even be conscious of its effect”

The day is structured to be interactive, with space to reflect on immediate learning and how to apply this new knowledge to your current situation. It is a space for noticing – the behaviour and responses of the other participants and of yourself. Another participant said;

“I really enjoyed that the day was interactive as I thought this was a great way to learn. I particularly enjoyed the inter-group exercise as I thought that this was incredibly enlightening and helped me to understand a lot about myself and how I work as well as the power of perception. This truly was enlightening and I have thought a lot about the lessons that I took from the day since.”

This workshop is a chance for you to take a step back and re-address, whether you are feeling stuck and ready for change or finding it hard to deal with the transitions that come with new roles and new groups.

Coreene Archer
Director, Launching Young Leaders 

The next workshop will take place on Friday, 27 April in Old Street, central London. Here is the brochure and you can apply online here.  For more information please contact Rachel Kelly r.kelly@tavinstitute.org who will be able to assist you.

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