Working with Theory of Change and Complexity

Working with Theory of Change and Complexity

Lunchtime Talk by Richard Allen, 23rd March.


7 March 2016

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Lunchtime Talk: Richard Allen, 23rd March.

People could wonder, with good reason, why something like Theory of Change, with its strong linear and logic model foundations, could be used for managing in complexity. Theory of Change is already well established as an invaluable tool in theory based programme evaluation. There is now a rapidly growing practice of using it in the design and implementation of complex programmes. What is the attraction? And, How does it work? Drawing on the TIHR’s recent work, and research into Theory of Change use in the ‘not for profit sector’, we will be offering answers to these questions and exploring ways in which “Theory of Change” is both a framework and a reflective practice.

Richard Allen is a Principal Research and Consultant at the TIHR. Since joining he has been working on the development of Theory of Change based management. Prior to that he was researching Theory of Change use in third sector organizations, especially in international development. Richard has worked for more than thirty years in the ‘not for profit sector in a variety of roles associated with programme management and organizational performance. 

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