Working with Virtual Strangers:
22 March 2019

Working with Virtual Strangers:
22 March 2019

The Dynamics of Leading and Working in Agile Teams 

The Dynamics of Leading and Working in Agile Teams

Technology, purpose and dynamics in remote working.

When we work remotely it can become even more difficult to understand/relate to others.  The thoughts and actions of individuals in our teams can be harder to understand at a distance and forming groups is a greater challenge. When our understanding of others is low, it creates a situation of uncertainty and emotions such as anxiety often spread.  Understanding the dynamics and emotional worlds of clients and colleagues is a challenge exacerbated in virtual teams.

An often ignored factor in remote working is technology. When people use communications technologies the tool often becomes taken for granted yet a communications medium exerts a strong influence on how people interact.  Platforms in themselves have the power to make conversations in groups fluid or stilted, easy or frustrating, manageable or unmanageable.

In this Practical Seminar: Working with Virtual Strangers, we will present a new model underpinned by Tavistock approaches for working through difficulties in remote teams in order to understand how online group interactions are shaped by working distantly. The upcoming Practical Seminar will, therefore, explore and explain three interrelated factors through discussion and experiential learning: technological choices; the formation of common purpose; and psychodynamic relations in working groups.

Following the model proposed in this professional development session, you will leave more confident about working within, leading and consulting to remote teams.

Led by David Drabble, Senior Researcher / Consultant and Coreene Archer, Principal Organisational Consultant & Leadership Coach & Director of the Launching Young Leaders workshops.

This seminar is part of a series of 1-day seminars on Organisational Change. These ‘shamelessly practical’ seminars will delve into the dilemmas, difficulties and joys that arise on a regular basis in organisational life.

The seminars are for leaders; managers; Human Resource professionals; coaches; leadership, team and organisational development practitioners; psychologists and other social scientists – anyone working with change in 1:1, group, organisational and system contexts.

Designed so that you can attend just one or two or the whole series, each seminar is held on a single day in central London and is non-residential.

We are now inviting applications for the seminar on Friday, 22 March 2019. 

You can apply here.

1 seminar = £300 + VAT

2 seminars booked at the same time = £260 + VAT each.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Anabel Navarro: a.navarro@tavinstitute.org

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