Virtual Workplace Wellbeing

Virtual Workplace Wellbeing

Crisis and Opportunity – the Tavi-Stocktake.


19 March 2020

Crisis and Opportunity – the Tavi-Stocktake

In times of extremes, like our world today, once we have somewhat got over the shock of living with a pandemic and found our way around working from home, more or less in isolation and communicating virtually, we may find some clarity to move forward.

At this time, the wellbeing of your organisation and the individuals within it will be crucial to how the organisation will survive.

A virtual workplace wellbeing stocktake from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations – the v-Tavi-Stocktake can help you deal with the fall-out and equip you and your colleagues to work with the reality of how your organisation is today.  It works like this:

The Tavi-Stocktake is a virtual review focussed on wellbeing and resilience to work through the Coronavirus pandemic. This review can be turned around quickly and can inform an organisation’s emergency planning.

It is unique in combining systems psychodynamics and a social model of health, to form a snapshot of organisational wellbeing which you can then build on for the future. Systems psychodynamics is a way of understanding how the emotions and unconscious drives of teams of people affect work goals.  A social model of health considers all the known protective factors for wellbeing and guides us in understanding whether the relevant ones for your context are present or absent and what is impacting on them.

The virtual Tavi-Stocktake will:

  • consolidate and build on your previous work, at whatever stage;
  • help you find out where you are doing well; and where you have gaps, and
  • make recommendations of what to do next.

So far, we have carried out Tavi-Stocktakes for a large UK police force, and various international NGOs. Find out more information here about what the Tavi-Stocktake entails.  For all enquiries and/or an initial conversation, contact Dr Sadie King.

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