Kevin Dixon

Kevin Dixon


Kevin Dixon is a graduate of the Tavistock Institute and City University Master of Arts (MA) Social Science in Advanced Organisational Consultation and Tavistock Institute Professional Associate.

Kevin is the owner (since 2005) of Cross Boundary Solutions Ltd, an independent consultancy practice based in Bournemouth.

Organisations can get locked into a complex “maze” of projects and attempted transformations that are not sufficiently emergent and agile – they become “time-thieves” wasting energy and resources. I enter the maze and work alongside leaders – from the outside – to help illuminate the internal and external landscape – to help get to the core of the problem, and navigate a pathway out of the labyrinth – my aim is to help achieve the outcomes organisations want.’

Consulting Specialism

  • Coaching leaders to practice leadership – especially combining business ethics, good corporate governance and customer experience.
  • Designing and facilitating educational and learning events for individuals and groups to lead in transition – including managing identities, boundary management, crossing boundaries, role change, conflict interactions and customer insights
  • Helping organisations and groups to develop emotional awareness to create emergent change especially through robust employee involvement, participative change processes and Action Learning.
  • Developing collaborative and participative forms of working within and between organisations – including inter-departmental working, teamwork, multi-disciplinary teams or cross-functional teams
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