Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy

Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy

A hybrid, certificated professional development programme in 3 modules, accredited by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

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The programme fee is £6,370.

We offer a £350 Early Bird discount for applications received before 1 July 2024.

A deposit of £500 is required on application. 

  • Early Bird #2

    Mon 1 July

Upcoming dates for:
Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy 2024

  • '24 Cohort — Module #1

    Thu 5 — Fri 6 September

  • '24 Cohort — Module #2

    Thu 14 — Fri 15 November

  • '24 Cohort — Module #3

    Thu 16 — Fri 17 January 2025

Past Dates

  • '23 Cohort — Module #3

    Thu 1 — Fri 2 February

  • '23 Cohort — Module #2

    Thu 7 — Fri 8 December 2023

  • '23 Cohort — Module #1

    Thu 5 — Fri 6 October 2023

Supervision provides a safe space to think, reflect, study and explore the supervisory relationship and praxis. The role of supervisor is crucial in providing a space for reflection and a ‘meta’ perspective on the whole system of supervisor / client / client organisation and the dynamics between each element. It is a place of ‘reverie’ in the Bionic sense of providing opportunities for letting go, working with not knowing and dreaming. For the coach or consultant the supervisor is also a dynamic constant, providing support and stability in a complex environment.

Our Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy is based on the Tavistock Models of systems and groups psychodynamics, organisational theories including complexity theory, theories of identity and difference, and Gestalt psychotherapy practice. 

Who is this programme for? 

The Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy is designed for experienced - and preferably certified - coaches and consultants who wish to become a supervisor. It is also suitable for current supervisors who wish to deepen their understanding and enhance their practice while gaining an internationally recognised certificate.

Participants come from a variety of backgrounds, coaching and consulting in today’s world where what has been considered a standard or ‘normal’ way of working has been dramatically challenged and changed; where the need for containment and resilience is amplified; where anxiety has reduced our capacity to adapt and engage imaginatively. 

The value of taking Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy

The creative interaction between a supervisor and a supervisee/s  is stimulated and enriched by ideas, models, theories, and the intuitive reaction of both parties. Via the new optics generated by the participants and the faculty on the programme, blocks to understanding and to sympathy with the supervisee’s system are unlocked, new attitudes found, and previously unthought of paths revealed.

Completing the programme during the pandemic was a powerful learning experience. The programme offers an excellent mixture of taught elements, practicums and a discussion forum to fully explore the role of supervisor. Also in parallel, we applied this knowledge as a practitioner with our own supervision clients in order to explore ‘who you are as a supervisor, your purpose and approach’. The concluding reflective essay offers a productive way to capture the whole experience and to cement the learning process.

Independent Coach / Consultant, UK

Outline of the Programme

The programme is non-residential over 3 × 2-day modules (Thursdays and Fridays). 

The programme consists of frameworks aimed at grounding supervision in theory, and hence include Complexity, Ethics and the Third position, supervision of - and in - groups; the experience of supervision, hence including social dreaming, the dynamic of shame, difference and other challenging issues in supervision.

Module #1: The Supervisory Space

  • The supervisory framework
  • The Third position
  • The psychodynamics of difference
  • Practicum

Module #2: Supervision in Context

  • Working with dreams in Supervision
  • Supervision in practice
  • Shame in Supervision
  • Practicum

Module #3: Making Sense of Supervision

  • The Ethics of Supervision
  • Challenging Dynamics
  • Supervising (in) groups
  • Practicum

We talk of the ‘Chora’ of supervision, of creating a space for exploration, honesty and real learning to happen in the supervisory relationships moving forward. This course does the same; the Chora being created through the curation of highly experienced coaches from different perspectives, the many ‘tools’ and frameworks available to the supervisor from the Tavi perspective, and the learning sessions with the Tavi elders.

Executive Coach, UK

Programme Directors

The programme is directed by Eliat Aram and Coreene Archer of The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations as part of the Institute’s portfolio of professional development opportunities. Both are highly experienced consultants, coaches, supervisors and educators who work with a diverse range of client systems.

I really enjoyed the programme and experienced deep learning. I’m proud to have qualified and am now looking to launch my supervision practice

Director, CM delta Consulting, UK

Format and Venue

This programme is offered in hybrid form, with participants able to attend both in-person at our London Office and online (via zoom). 

Modules will take place at the Institute offices in London. Situated between Farringdon, Barbican and Old Street, we moved into our office at Gee Street in mid-2021. Our office is a bright and flexible space, with a state-of-the-art video conference system set up to accommodate both in-person and online learning, and in hybrid. We have a fully stocked kitchen, board room, consulting rooms and studio space for larger groups and movement. For those joining online, we use Zoom.

Please note, the programme is non-residential and participants are responsible for their accommodation / meals during each module. Refreshments will be provided; you can bring your own lunch or alternatively there is a local walking-distance market and many nearby shops/ supermarkets. 

Between modules and after the programme

Basecamp is our virtual hub where each programme cohort has their own private space for nurturing deeper connections between modules.

Successful participants from the programme will be eligible to join the Tavistock Community of international alumni and TIHR practitioners, a peer-based network providing continuing support and professional development opportunities. The Tavistock Community is a place for alumni to connect with others, to further the learning, exchange ideas, to develop practice and work together, all underpinned by Tavistock methodologies.

Accreditation Process

In order to qualify for the Tavistock Institute’s Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy, participants will be expected to have attended all modules and provide a comprehensive analysis (written or multi media) of one or two supervision cases (either individual or group) against a framework to be provided on the programme.

Next steps

To join this programme please complete the online application form and pay the deposit. If you have any questions and/or would like a conversation about the programme with one of the directors, please contact Meg Davies, Professional Development Manager at: m.davies@tavinstitute.org

Get in touch

If you have any questions and/or would like a conversation with one of the directors about this programme, please fill in the form below and Meg Davies will get back to you.

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