Deepening Creative Practice with organisations

Deepening Creative Practice with organisations

The arts and social sciences meet in a trans-disciplinary, non-linear programme where participants explore in relation to their organisation or ecosystem.

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Our next programme begins in June 2024 with a fee of £6,500.

We offer a £1000 early bird discount for applications made before 2nd February 2024.

We offer a £500 early bird discount for applications made before 5th April 2024. 

A £500 deposit is payable on application. 

  • Early Bird Deadline #1

    Fri 2 February 2024

  • Early Bird Deadline #2

    Fri 5 April 2024

  • Application deadline

    Fri 31 May 2024

Upcoming dates for:
Deepening Creative Practice 2023

  • '23 Cohort — Autumn

    Wed 11 — Sat 14 October

  • '23 Cohort — Winter

    Wed 17 — Sat 20 January 2024

Upcoming dates for:
Deepening Creative Practice 2024

  • '24 Cohort — Summer

    Wed 12 — Sat 15 June 2024

  • '24 Cohort — Autumn

    Wed 16 — Sat 19 October 2024

  • '24 Cohort — Winter

    Wed 8 — Sat 11 January 2025

  • '24 Cohort — Spring

    Wed 2 — Sat 5 April 2025

Past Dates

  • '23 Cohort — Summer

    Wed 14 — Sat 17 June

  • '23 Cohort — Spring

    Wed 19 — Sat 22 April

At a time when creativity is in ever more demand but opportunities to explore and experiment with it can be difficult to find, we invite you to bring (or uncover) the creative, risk-taking and curious parts of yourself...

Deepening Creative Practice is a learning experience where you can explore your whole self in relation to organisational leadership, consultancy and change. The programme will support you to (re-)awaken, nurture and cherish those aspects of yourself which may be more hidden, to be explored within the work setting. 

What is Deepening Creative Practice? 

A trans-disciplinary, non-linear programme where the arts and social sciences weave together as participants explore their whole selves in relation to their organisation or eco-system, through: 

  • Experimentation in the way you work with, design and make changes in organisations; 
  • Reflection on how to express and work with difficult and sometimes intractable problems as they relate to organisations and wider society;
  • Space for thinking differently, breaking moulded habits and petrified behaviours of seeing and working with organisations;
  • Challenging oneself and each other to find alternative perspectives and try out new approaches that free yourselves or the organisations you work with from feeling or being stuck and from ways of being and identities that may no longer be of service.

Who is it for?

Deepening Creative Practice is for organisational leaders and consultants looking for another stage in development who want to experiment with and explore their creative potential.

It is for artist-academics, artistic practitioners, working artists, concerned and creative citizens, freedom fighters, passionate learners, curious ecologists or bored out-of-the-box agents of life and wellbeing on and of our at-risk planet. 

Listen to the Co-Directors, Juliet Scott and Heather Stradling talk about Deepening Creative Practice

What will it look like?

Deepening Creative Practice has ambitious aims to take a curatorial and working out loud approach to the learning. With the Tavistock Institutes new office and technology as its holding space, making the programme accessible to those who wish to attend in person or from afar, the programme faculty and participants will co-curate and create their own learning experience from a number of different resources offered by the programme. 

Programme faculty and participants will co-curate and create their own learning experience from various resources offered by the programme. These include:

  • Five seasons including a final ‘exhibiting’ season;
  • Experiential learning and group relations (working with creative resistance);
  • Social Dreaming
  • Working across difference in art disciplines
  • Visual arts; dance & choreography; theatre & performance etc...
  • Embodiment - integrating the psychophysical;
  • Archival and curatorial frameworks;
  • Organisational residencies: the creative exploration of organisation ecosystems;
  • Artist-led workshops;
  • Creative practice supervision.

Towards the end of the programme, participants will collaborate in making an exhibition, show, event, festival, manifestation, document (or potentially some new way of describing) of their unfolding findings.

DCP has made me delve into my own creative practice and discover new facets of it; it made me consciously engage with the roles I take within a group and organisation; it made me struggle and it made me take risks

Academic Researcher, Writer, The Netherlands

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Why now?

This is an (inherently complex) trans-disciplinary and non-linear programme. It is the right time for this kind of programme when society requires people and organisations to learn from the past and embrace new ways of translating history into what is needed for the future. Having worked in a trans-disciplinary way since its inception, creative and artistic practice is ever more embedded within the Institutes work. With its Art and Organisation stream, the Tavistock Institute is in the right place to lead this unique programme and support you in your deep exploration. Come and play (seriously) with us, in order to be better able to work with and navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

DCP has given me new perspectives, thoughts, inspirations. Not only for my artistic interests but also a fresh perspective for my professional work

Emin Birsel, European Director, Pladis Global

The Journey

The programme will be about working with what creatively emerges over the five seasons. You will be the architect of your learning, which might include: 

  • An increase in your ability to address complex organisational and societal issues inventively and imaginatively; 
  • A new repertoire and language for working – curating; archiving; choreographing; conserving; exhibiting; presencing; embodying;
  • Unique ways of sharing and embedding learning in the public domain; 
  • You will be contributing to the development of new practice in organisational change; 
  • Developing your artistic practice in a stimulating environment of intellectual and creative inquiry.


The programmes will be held in the Institute’s office. Situated between Farringdon, Barbican and Old Street, we moved into our office at Gee Street in mid-2021. Our office is a bright and flexible space, with a state-of-the-art video conference system set up to accommodate both in-person and online learning, and in hybrid. We have a fully stocked kitchen, board room, consulting rooms and studio space for larger groups and movement. For those joining online, we use Zoom. 

Programme leaders

Core Faculty

We support DACS. Paying artists fairly keeps them making art. Protect artists rights.

Next Steps

Our current Deepening Creative Practice cohort is in progress running April 2023 to May 2024. Applications are now open for our 2024/25 cohort, beginning in June 2024 (with modules in June 2024, October 2024, January 2025, April 2025 and an exhibiting season no later than July 2025). If you have questions or would like to speak to one of the programme faculty, please contact Emily Kyte . We welcome conversations and your ideas, thoughts and dreams about the programme.

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