Launching Young Leaders

Launching Young Leaders

Finding Authority, Role and Impact – for young people who want to make a difference

Photograph by Eleanor Mamorsky and Emma Ballantyne

Launching Young Leaders is about encouraging you to see your potential in new ways, helping you to engage with opportunities, build resilience and maximise collaborations. Equipped with these tools, you can begin to define what you want to achieve and how - to capitalise on the skills, knowledge and qualities that you already possess.

New Leaders: Understanding Groups and Systems.

A new hybrid programme for those new to the workplace and to leadership

Have you ever asked yourself why somethings about work is so difficult. Do you find in groups it so difficult to speak up? Or why do I suddenly find myself saying something I didn’t mean to? What role do I play? How can I influence things?

New Leaders: Understanding Groups and Systems is part of our Launching Young Leaders offer. It is a hybrid programme designed to help you consider some of the questions above and develop new insights into your own actions and motivations. And importantly to gain new understanding into how others operate and what happens when people come together in a group or team.

Working in a group with between 10 – 18 other young people, you will explore what helps you speak up in groups, what keeps you quiet, how power operates, how difference makes a difference and how to really capitalise on that. How to influence in a group and what happens when a group goes off track. There are opportunities and new ways of working which are challenging what we think of as everyday working life.

As the next generation of leaders, you will need to draw on your collective and individual resources to shape the future you want, rather than repeat patterns from the past.

This programme is about encouraging you to see your potential, to build on the skills, knowledge and qualities that you already possess. To help you engage with opportunities and to build your creativity and resilience. 

The programme draws on our 75 year history of developing professionals, businesses, communities and major organisations such as the National Lottery Community Fund and the NHS. 

The programme:

Designed as a modular programme and begins with the one day leadership workshop and followed by a blend of

  • Experiential activities where you use creative methods to explore different ways of being in a group, experiment with taking the lead and following others, have opportunities for feedback and reflection.
  • Theoretical input where you can play with ideas and concepts and use them to help your understanding of what happens for you in groups.
  • Working with the live dynamics of the ‘here and now’. An opportunity to notice what is happening within your group as you work together. How are decisions made, how can you influence, what helps, what gets in the way?
  • Applying the thinking and learning to live situations you are facing in your workplaces, colleges or universities.

Launching Young Leaders draws on the history of the Leicester Conference, our flagship Group Relations conference, held by the Tavistock Institute since 1957. Our Group Relations work in the UK and internationally has been developing professionals, businesses, local communities and major organisations such as the European Commission, UK Health Authorities and local councils, amongst others.

Fee:                    £1500 for all five modules

Discount:          Bursary and early bird discounts available

Next steps

We’ll be announcing dates soon. If you have any questions and/or would like a conversation about the programme with one of the directors, please contact Meg Davies, Professional Development Manager at: m.davies@tavinstitute.org

Get in touch

If you have any questions and/or would like a conversation with one of the directors about this programme, please fill in the form below and Meg Davies will get back to you.

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