Team working: how to succeed

Team working: how to succeed

A new online course for everyone interested in how groups work, hosted with FutureLearn

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  • Team working: how to succeed

The Institute has partnered with FutureLearn to produce our first online course: Team Working: How to Succeed

Developed from 75+ years of Tavistock research and experience of working with groups, the course is fully online and can be accessed at any time via global online training provider FutureLearn.

What’s this course about?

The course looks at what goes on beneath-the-surface in work teams and how this affects people and their performance. 

Filled with articles, stories, polls and quizzes, the course illustrates the ideas about work using a fictional food delivery company called Grub2You, with stories about the people who work there. Learners use practical tools to build awareness about their own and others’ behaviour, and can share their ideas and discuss their learning with their co-learners.

Who is it for?

It’s designed to help people to get ahead in the workplace, whether they are just beginning their working life as a trainee or apprentice or whether they are already working in a team and want to understand what’s going on.

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Learners can start anytime, and the course is over 4 weeks for 3 hours each week, available on FutureLearn. The course is FREE for four weeks or £99 for unlimited access. We are planning to work with industry and government partners to make it available to people who can’t pay the fee.

What will it be like?

We wanted to create a course for anyone who is interested in working better in a team.

In 'Team Working: How to Succeed', you start by looking at your self, exploring how you show up at work.

Then you move on to other people and the relationships you have at work. You think about your role within the organisation. Finally, you explore what happens in teams.

Lead Educator, Rachel Kelly

The Institute has been researching groups and organisations and developing ways to support them since 1947. This brand-new course draws on the systems psychodynamics approach the Institute have developed to help people understand more about teamwork and the part they may play in what happens in a team. Learners become more self-aware and aware of group processes, including the Unconscious, Systems Thinking and Group Dynamics.

The course builds on the Interreg project – Boosting Human Capital in the 21st Century — which worked with young people who were not in education or employment, the unemployed and people who find it difficult to find and stay in a job, in 3 areas across Europe.  The Institute partnered with Kent County Council, MidKent College and the Department for Work and Pensions, amongst others, to explore innovative methods and tools to find out what works.

Image: Mapbox via Unsplash

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