Spring Workshop Series: Writing with the Poetic Lens

Spring Workshop Series: Writing with the Poetic Lens

A three session programme designed for professionals who seek new ways of writing about their work and practice

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£225 for one session; £600 to book all sessions.

Upcoming dates for:
Spring Workshop Series — Writing with the Poetic Lens

  • Workshop I

    Tue 19 March
    1pm — 4.30pm

  • Workshop II

    Tue 16 April
    1pm — 4.30pm

  • Workshop III

    Tue 14 May
    1pm — 4.30pm

In this workshop series, Marie Beauchamps, one of the participants of the first cohort of Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations, invites you to use the poetic lens to re-encounter your work through writing, while paying attention to embodied, sensory knowledge.

The workshop is designed for professionals who seek new ways of writing about their work and practice, within their work, or in response to their work.


Rarely do we associate professional writing with creative writing techniques. And yet, the choices we make when we write have profound effects on the reality that we observe. Embracing creative writing techniques when writing about our work, within our work, or in response to our work, opens spaces of reflection, experimentation, and clarity.

What to expect

In this workshop series, participants are invited to let go of any kind of neutral language to make space and embrace polyphonies of all kinds, including the unconscious. All sessions are designed around sample texts and include on-the-spot writing exercises. There will be time for peer-review, as well as time to reflect on what it takes to make space for creativity within our professional work.

  • The first session on March 19 focuses on the times and spaces we work with, while paying attention to embodied, sensory knowledge.
  • The second session on April 16 focuses on defining the main characters driving the story of our work, and on staging conversations between them.
  • The third session on May 14 focuses on how to grasp the full narrative of our work, pausing on where it started, on its importance for ourselves and for the world, and on the transformations it generates.

All sessions can be attended separately or as a workshop series. 

What you will gain

A toolbox of creative writing techniques that will expand your professional writing practice and modes of expressing and communicating your work.

A poetic exploration of your work while experimenting with creative writing techniques.

A peer community to support and provide safe critique as you develop your new writing practice.

Programme Director

Fees and Timings

All sessions will take place online via Zoom, from 13:00 - 16:30 UK time. 

This workshop series is comprised of three sessions. It is possible to attend one, two or all three sessions.

The fee is £225 for one session, or £600 for the entire series of three sessions.

Next steps

To join this workshop series please complete the online application form; payment details will be sent after application. If you have any questions please contact Meg Davies, Professional Development Manager at: m.davies@tavinstitute.org

Get in touch

If you have any questions and/or would like a conversation with one of the directors about this programme, please fill in the form below and Meg Davies will get back to you.

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