Workshop — Writing and Creative Practice

Workshop — Writing and Creative Practice

Explore your work through a poetic lens

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Upcoming Dates

  • Workshop I

    Tuesday 11 July
    1pm — 4.30pm

  • Workshop II

    Tuesday 1 August
    1pm — 4.30pm

  • Workshop III

    Tuesday 12 September
    1pm — 4.30pm

This new series of Writing and Creative Practice Workshops is directed at members of our Deepening Creative Practice community and anyone else interested in exploring writing about their working practice through a poetic lens.

Marie Beauchamps, one of the participants of the first cohort of Deepening Creative Practice with organisations, invites you on a journey to encounter your creative practice through a poetic lens.

Working with scripts that emerged out of creative writing techniques, Marie will propose a series of hands-on exercises, inviting you to re-encounter your practice while paying attention to scenes, to the sensory, to the multiplicity of voices invoked, and to the story that wants to be told.

The series is an adaptation of Marie’s workshops Creative Writing for Academics, in which she invites academics to engage with creative writing techniques within their academic work.

Marie’s point of departure was to recognise that the choices we make when we write have profound effects on the reality that we observe. Giving an account of our observations requires a multitude of styles of writing for achieving the greatest accuracy. Finding the most accurate style of writing sometimes implies letting go of the deceptively neutral style of academic writing, embracing instead a plurality of voices, making room for the repressed to be allowed to speak.

Here, the context is no longer academic writing, but the crossroads between a creative practice and other professional expressions.

What to expect:

A poetic exploration of your work, be it in text, performance, sculptures, photography, or whatever medium is asking for your attention as we set to work together.

Participants are invited to come with laptops, pen and paper, paint, clay, material, or any other medium that supports their expression. In-between the exercises, there will be time for open discussion to share experiences, and each session will offer a moment of peer-review.

Fees & timings:

Workshops will take place online via Zoom, from 13:00 - 16:30 UK time. The fee is £650. For more information, contact Emily.

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