Roma Support Group

Roma Support Group

The Roma Support Group (RSG) is the only Roma-led charity organisation in the UK.

Since its founding in 1998, the organisation has assisted thousands of Roma families in accessing welfare, housing, education, health and employment, as well as empowering Roma communities through a wide range of advocacy and cultural programmes. During the last 15 years the RSG has built a wealth of expertise on Roma issues and have become the leading experts in this field. It has developed best models of practice regarding integration and empowerment of Roma communities which has led the RSG to become advisers to governments, statutory and non-statutory agencies nationally and internationally.

Since 2011, the organisation has been implementing the Roma Engagement and Support Programme, which enables statutory and voluntary agencies to respond effectively to the needs of Roma families by working with professionals through delivery of training and specialist advice; organising strategic forums to share good practice, and facilitating Roma Families Support Schemes.

Our work with the Roma Support Group:

The Tavistock Institute has a key partnership with the Roma Support Group (RSG) that has developed over a number of years. We were commissioned by the RSG to conduct a diagnostic assessment to inform the organisation’s future capacity building and business development in relation to their DfE funded Roma Support Engagement Project, and the RSG were expert stakeholders in the research on Social Inclusion through Employment: Learning from Roma Integration. We are currently working together to develop future participatory research projects.

You can visit the Roma Support Group website here.

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