SDiN — Social Dreaming International network

SDiN — Social Dreaming International network

SDiN – Social Dreaming international Network is an organisation of professionals devoted to the task of promoting, developing, researching and applying social dreaming in a variety of contexts.

‘Social Dreaming’, the practice of sharing, associating to and working with dreams in a matrix in order to identify social trends and social dynamics, was pioneered and developed by Gordon Lawrence and his colleagues at the Tavistock Institute and Tavistock Clinic in the 1980s. The first experiment was launched by Gordon Lawrence and Paddy Daniel. Since then social dreaming has revealed its potential, developed, spread and been used in many areas and fields around the globe.

SDiN was established in 2019 by some of the former trustees and founders of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation, after its closure. The organisation welcomed the unique opportunity to work with the Tavistock Institute by signing a Memorandum of Understanding, which recognises the international nature and the importance of partnerships for both organisations in promoting and developing social dreaming.

SDiN is actively engaged in promoting training programs for hosts of Social Dreaming, cultural enquiry and research projects, organisational consultancy, and professional development events.

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