Utrecht University

Utrecht University


Utrecht University (NL) offers the executive programme ‘Coaching and Consulting in Context: Theory and practice of working with unconscious dynamics in organisations (CCC)’.

This two-year post-academic programme enables professionals to provide creative, result oriented and professional process consultation, with an understanding of the emotional world of the context. The CCC-programme is since the 1990’s a unique programme in the Netherlands; making psychodynamic-systemic concepts available for professionals to apply in their work.

The relationship between CCC and The Tavistock Institute has been longstanding; with for instance Tavistock Institute staff working on the course. In addition Tavistock Institute staff and CCC staff partner in other work activities (offering consultation, working in group relations conferences).

Martijn van der Spek M BSc, programme leader CCC

Website: Utrecht University
Website: Executive programme CCC (in Dutch)

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