Does love matter? fear and compassion in organisations and leadership

Does love matter? fear and compassion in organisations and leadership

Dr Eliat Aram (TIHR CEO) used a recent TIHR Lunchtime talk session to open up a heart-to-heart conversation about the ethics of love and the freedom in fearlessness. Or the freedom of loving fearlessly.

Eliat joined the Tavistock Institute ten years ago. Her first leadership task was of directing the Leicester conference. She later became the Tavistock Institute’s CEO. Over the years she has learnt tremendous amount on the art of management and certainly feels there is still much to learn, but there is one thread that has run through her leadership development journey that she is only now beginning to own. The thread is simple and complex; it is the unfathomable notion of love.



Extracts from the readings included in Eliat’s talk can be downloaded here.

Dr Eliat Aram is the Chief Executive of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR). She is a chartered organisational psychologist and a registered Gestalt psychotherapist, working as leadership and management coach, process consultant and supervisor when she is not busy managing the daily activities of the TIHR and planning for its sustainable and prosperous future. Eliat’s work is informed by ideas of emergence and self-organisation as well as dialogue and power dynamics and includes developing skills and attitudes to working in conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity. She helps, supports and challenges managers through their journey of growth by inviting them to think about and reflect upon their flow of experience as leaders in their organisations.

Find out more about Dr Eliat Aram here.

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