The Social Seducement story: the value of online games in enterprise creation

The Social Seducement story: the value of online games in enterprise creation

David Drabble and Heather Stradling talk about Social Seducement.

David Drabble and Heather Stradling talk about Social Seducement.

Social Seducement is a project funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme (under GA 2014-1-UK01-KA200-001830).

Against the background of growing EU and UK interest in the social economy, the project aims to develop a serious online role play game that can be used to train people who are facing disadvantages in the labour market in entrepreneurial thinking and doing. Bringing together the combined expertise of six partners from five EU member states (UK, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and Spain) under the overall coordination of the Tavistock Institute, the project is in the process of developing a truly blended model of learning. In this lunchtime talk David and Heather shared some emerging findings from the piloting of the game with different groups across the partner countries, and discuss what the experience seems to be telling us about the value of online gaming in developing social entrepreneurship abilities and creating social enterprises.


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David Drabble is a Researcher and Consultant at the Tavistock Institute. He is the lead evaluator on Social Seducement and is often employed as a research methods expert. He has eight years of experience working at EU level on social inclusion, digital initiatives, training and employment. He has a passion for communicating information cleanly and attractively, and is currently a PhD candidate researching the effects of language asymmetries on global virtual teams.

Heather Stradling is a Senior researcher and consultant at the Tavistock Institute, and has lead the piloting of the Social Seducement game. Heather specialises in projects that focus on families, children and young people, cultural sectors and social innovation, with a background in inclusive and creative practice. She has a Masters in Psychology, is currently completing a Diploma in Psychodynamic counselling and is trained in using a variety of Research Methods.

The Social Seducement story: the value of online games in enterprise creation was presented by David Drabble and Heather Stradling as part of the Tavistock Institute’s Food For Thought series.

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