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Exploring leadership, authority and identity in times of shifting boundaries and spaces

The 13th Group Relations Conference in Lithuania will take place on 23rd — 27th August 2024, with Lithuanian Group Relations Society, Vilnius University and TIHR

LEADERSHIP AUTHORITY ROLE Exploring Organizational and Personal Transformation

This Group Relations Conference will take place at The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, 17 — 19 October 2024, and is convened by Caribbean Group Relations Consulting,

Leading from the screen: the visible and invisible in remote working

This is a practice-based, professional development training programme with an international staff team. From the University of Essex on 18, 19, 20, 26 July 2024

Dreams, creativity and hope in a polarised world

New Group Relations Conference in London, 22 — 24 July 2024 with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Curious about the Leicester Conference?

Open and informal meeting for anyone who would like to chat about the Leicester Conference

Professional development
The Self-Imposed Atrocity of Climate Change: The Human Factor

Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities invites you to participate in this 2024 Experiential Conference. 

2 — 6 September 2024 in Thessaloniki, Greece

The fortnight that changed everything

Arriving at my first Leicester Conference, by Jean Cooper

Exploring Irrationality in self and organization

This is an experiential working conference for International Psychoanalytic Association psychoanalysts. May 24 — 27 2024 in Greece

The Trilogy Matrix Event, with Richard Morgan-Jones

Developing field theory for consulting in organisations, and group relations

A ‘Food for Thought’ Lunchtime Talk

Lunchtime Talks
Shane Waltener

Shane Waltener’s practice is rooted in ecology, sustainability and reuse. Sculpture, installation and performance draw inspiration from craft practice, dance and movement.

Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing Conference

A summertime Group Relations Conference in Italy, 7-9 June 2024, with Il Nodo Group

Social Dreaming Training 2024 open for applications

The Social Dreaming International Network launches fourth international training programme

Race Relations in a Global World: Leadership, Organizations and ____

Three-day online Group Relations Conference, 22-25 February 2024, from The New York Centre

Ancestral meaning systems, leadership and authority

An online Group Relations Conference, 11-13 April 2024, organised by Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA)

Exploring the voice in organisations

The voice is one of our most valuable tools for communicating with one another. Groups and organisations are often influenced by the voices that can most clearly be heard.

Strategic Leadership Circles 2024

Transformative conversations for senior healthcare leaders. 

Professional development
Applications still open! Art as re-evaluation: everything is scattered

A call for contributions to our stream at the Art of Management and Organisation 2024 Conference 

Power, Authority, Trust : Exploring Vulnerability and Caribbean Leadership

A three-day Group Relations Conference in Trinidad and Tobago, 19—21 October 2023

Exploring Leadership & Authority: Working with Desires & Fears

A five-day Group Relations Conference in Lithuania, 24—28 August 2023

Professional Development Open Evening

The Tavistock Institute invites you to our Professional Development Open Evening.

Professional development
Exploring Ancestral Meaning Systems as They Relate to Leadership and Authority

An online Group Relations conference, 16—18 February 2023

Eric Miller’s application of an anthropological training to TIHR work

The evolution of Eric Miller’s methodology

Lunchtime Talks
Virtual Reality

A lunchtime talk by Coreene Archer and David Drabble.

Lunchtime Talks
The Tavistock Community: our story so far…

A talk presented by Agnès Berthoz, Laure Fraval, Kalina Stamenova and Eva Worm

Lunchtime Talks
The ‘Impossibility’ of Working in the Current NHS

Dr Rachel Gibbons facilitates a conversation to think about what is wrong with the NHS.

Lunchtime Talks
One, Two, Three… Groups

Dr Yossi Triest talks about bridging the gap between the ‘unconscious of the individual’ and the ‘unconscious of the group.’

Lunchtime Talks
The Hidden Gem of Leadership

Followership Lessons from a Convent Community

Lunchtime Talks
Poetry in the Here and Now

Joe Cullen selects poems from his own work as the Bard of Dalston that ask questions of the here and now.

Lunchtime Talks
Looked After Children #1

Reflections from TIHR researchers on evaluating the Adoption Support Fund 2015-2017.

Lunchtime Talks
CyborgORG: The Human/Machine Organization

From coal mines to WeWork: learning from the Tavistock Tradition, researching the contemporary workplace — a lunchtime talk by Jack Marmorstein.

Lunchtime Talks
Female Genital Cutting, human rights and religious freedom

This talk looked at issues of negotiating independence and the politics of knowledge production in the case of Female Genital Cutting.

Lunchtime Talks
The Chair: politics, sociology and how to sit on one

In this talk, Rachel Kelly traced the history of the chair through human evolution, the significance and symbolism of the chair, the chair as ‘object of desire’ and what makes a comfortable chair.

Lunchtime Talks
Lifting neighbourhoods out of poverty

How do we harness resources to create a more cohesive system?

Lunchtime Talks
The Five Facets of Theory of Change

Richard Allen, Principal Researcher and Consultant at the Tavistock Institute, presents research into the ‘five facets of Theory of Change’.

Lunchtime Talks
The Dynamics of Habit and Ritual: Theories from China

Michael Puett’s lunchtime talk offered an exploration of theories of human psychology and group dynamics as they arose in early China and agues that these theoretical understandings have much to offer contemporary practice.

Lunchtime Talks
Losing Political Office

Jane Roberts, author of the book Losing Political Office, brought insights from her new book as possible food for those working, consulting to governance and political systems.

Lunchtime Talks
Agon in the Office – Contests and Gatherings in the Theatre of Work

Jessica Burlingame continues an inquiry begun during her workshop at the Tavistock Institute’s 70th anniversary Festival

Lunchtime Talks
Complexity and Evaluation — latest developments

Dr Dione Hills asks — how can a better understanding of complexity have an impact on the way we think?

Lunchtime Talks
Systems thinking at the Tavistock Institute

— past, present and future

Lunchtime Talks
Connecting and Communicating in the midst of a Pandemic

Reflections on living in the time of Coronavirus.

Lunchtime Talks
Experiences of Deepening Creative Practice

Join the Deepening Creative Practice community in a collective space to play, explore and experiment.

Lunchtime Talks
The Art of Not Knowing

In this talk, Marian Timmermans combines models from Tavistock and Transactional Analysis in dealing with the unknown when working with groups.

Lunchtime Talks
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the Environment

A talk by our staff exploring how we apply Tavistock social science to our environmental work.

Lunchtime Talks
The Medical Self: why doctors make bad patients

Professor Dame Clare Gerada explores the reasons why doctors find it so hard to seek help when needed.

Lunchtime Talks
Under the surface and far apart

The dynamics of discord in remote teams

Lunchtime Talks
A.K. Rice: A Forgotten Giant at The Tavistock Institute

Jean Neumann and Antonio Sama trace A.K. Rice’s legacy embedded and captured in articles, books and other source documents.

Lunchtime Talks
Consultancy with a light touch

Me and Work: experiences of consulting to organisations, sharing feelings, emotions, failures and learning from them.

Lunchtime Talks
Emotional Labour

Exploring the impact of repeated bereavements for staff in a special school

Lunchtime Talks
The Tavistock Touch: what is our role now in repairing the world?

Lucian J. Hudson explores what it means to touch during a time of social distancing.

Lunchtime Talks
The Tavistock Touch: continued

As a result of interest in Lucian Hudson’s Lunchtime Talk on Touch, the Tavistock Community has created an opportunity to explore the phenomenon of touch further.

Talks & presentations
Dr. Steven H. Cady
Reimagining the Now: Authority, Leadership & Purpose

A springtime Group Relations Conference in Israel, 19—24 March 2023

Networks of Desire

A Group Relations training conference, 20—22 and 27—28 January 2023

Digital Surgery — approaches and challenges of working virtually
Talks & presentations
Psychoanalysis Goes to War (Eventually)

A prehistory of the Tavistock Institute.

Lunchtime Talks
An Ancient Greek Philosophy of Management Consulting

How we can introduce useful novelty into our thinking about management consulting?

Lunchtime Talks
Survive and Thrive. What are we learning from the pandemic?

The Tavistock Institute team reflect on what learning about resilience is emerging from the coronavirus pandemic.

Lunchtime Talks
Bespoke Programme in Advancing Practice in Unconscious Processes

Imagine the pressures of working in an NHS Directorate and the associated dynamics.

Certificate in Dynamics @ Board Level 2024

A certified programme comprising 4 × 2-day modules for all those working on or with Boards: Chairs of Boards, Board members, Executive Directors, trainers, evaluators, consultants, coaches and others working in board evaluation and governance development.

Professional development
Certificate in Dynamics @ Board Level 2023

A certified programme comprising 4 × 2-day modules for all those working on or with Boards: Chairs of Boards, Board members, Executive Directors, trainers, evaluators, consultants, coaches and others working in board evaluation and governance development.

Professional development
Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy 2024

A non-residential training programme in 3 modules

Professional development
Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy 2023

A non-residential training programme in 3 modules

Professional development
Prof. John Curran
Exploring professional identity

How do we marry professionalism with individual identity?

Lunchtime Talks
Why is conflict good for you?

How does a method used at peace negotiations work in a group setting?

Lunchtime Talks
“All we do is have meetings...”

What do meetings tell us about group dynamics and workplace culture?

Lunchtime Talks
Crafting your research from practice

Karen Izod and Siobhain Smiton talk about leading and participating in a systems-psychodynamically oriented doctoral programme.

Lunchtime Talks
Coaching for Leadership 2023
Professional development
Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change 2023
Professional development
Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change 2024
Professional development
Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change 2025
Professional development
Coaching for Leadership 2024

A hybrid, certificated professional development programme in 4 modules, accredited by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Professional development
Coaching for Leadership 2025

A hybrid, certificated professional development programme in 4 modules, accredited by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Professional development
Leicester Conference 2024

Welcome to the Leicester Conference of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the home of experiential learning and the place to engage with what it means to be human

Leicester Conference 2023

Welcome to this iteration of the Leicester Conference of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, celebrating 77 years in 2023.

Energy, Creative Collaboration & Wellbeing

Online Group Relations conference, 13—16 January 2023

Navigating the complexities of "Back to Normal"
Group Relations @ Columbia University, NY
Dichotomy Challenged: The Individual, Organisations & Art
‘Meet Tav’ at the Deepening Creative Practice 2021-22 Exhibiting Season
Learning from the Lionesses: England Women’s football team
Coaching for Leadership - Creating a winning team
Join us at our PD Open Evening!
Wondering what’s next for your continuing professional development?
Exploring Ancestral Meaning Systems
Online Group Relations conference, relating these to Leadership and Authority
NTL’s 75th Jubilee!
Join us this Friday – 22 July, to help the National Training Laboratory Institute celebrate
Researchers wanted!
We are looking to recruit two Researchers
24th Authority, Leadership and Innovation (ALI) Conference
Restarting from the vortices: Regenerative Authority, Leadership and Followership
ISPSO Annual Meeting 2022 Conference
From Trauma to New Engagement with the Future
5th Caribbean Group Relations Conference
Organisations, Cultures, Boundaries: Exploring New Leadership in a Networked World
Final places remaining!
…at the Leicester Conference 2022
Board Dynamics
How are your boards working with the lived realities involved in boardroom diversity?
The second issue of OPEN
Launching Young Leaders: 1-day experiential workshop
New perspectives on your role
Join us at a P3C open evening!
You are invited to attend an Open Evening this Wednesday on Zoom to find out more...
Dynamics @ Board Level…
turning up the temperature.
Sharing the Work

Past 2021-2022 Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations participants share their process

Welcoming Dr John Curran
An anthropological lens on P3C. We are delighted that Dr John Curran is joining the Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy and Change (P3C) faculty for 2022.
All the world’s a stage…
The Leicester Conference 2022 invites us to engage in a new way, studying the capillary, tentacular and rhizomatic in organisations.
Funded Doctoral Opportunity
Relational Practices and the Tavistock Institute's Archive
Intensive Weekend Experiential Leadership Programme
Reflect Relate Experiential Leadership invites you to join an online immersive 3-day weekend programme for leadership enhancement in May 2022.
Announcing the Winner!
The Dione Hills Tavistock Institute and UK Evaluation Society Prize.
For the digital age — an Introduction to Systems Psychodynamics

This book describes this new and expanding paradigm – bringing together the social-technical and the people dimensions for the first time. 

The 4th GR Conference in the Caribbean
Caribbean Online Group Relations Conference
Fully Human: Soul, Psyche, Skin
Exploring Race in Psychology
Coaching for Leadership: Psychodynamic Approaches
Thinking about becoming an executive coach?
Reflections on London
Our visiting Artist in Residence arrives
Belgirate meeting: Group Relations 2021
A Selfie: Portraying our Identity, Theory & Practice
Lucian Hudson elected Chair of Board of Trustees
We welcome (back) Lucian Hudson as Chair of Trustees
Why don’t we put people first?
The unthinkable and unsayable in Caribbean leadership
Dreaming Of Compassion
Archer, C (2021) ‘Dreaming Of Compassion’. In K. Waddington (ed.) Towards the Compassionate University: From Golden Thread to Global Impact. London: Routledge.
A safe space for the Leicester conference
and something about the PPE event...
A beuy for all seasons: Joseph Beuys

'Every person is an artist – every action, a work of art'

The Institute sponsors Spring Learning Intensive
Experiential Leadership Development Program
#13 Social Dreaming Matrix: Covid-19 - a year on. Notes from 10th June 2021
Transforming our leadership through complexity, role and connection
Online Group Relations Conference in South Africa
Digital work courses at the Tavistock Institute
Rewriting sociotechnical systems for remote teams.
Practice what we preach?
What are we for? Towards a Social Ecology
Tavistock Awakening Organisations

A new programme of work is coming.

On the Matter of Space
The Leicester Conference in the Chilterns
We’re on the move! - a new space for the Institute
Redefining, reshaping and reinventing the work space
Dynamics @ Board Level
an online programme for 2021. Applications accepted until 28 May
Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change (P3C)
An invitation to grow your unknowingness
Dione (Sanji) Hills (1948 - 2021)
We are extremely sad to announce that our dear friend and colleague Dr Dione Hills has died following a sudden and short illness.
Adults in the room
The Boardroom beyond 2021
Dr Leslie Brissett on Leadership, Authority & Identity
Webinar with presentation, small group discussions and sharing in plenary
Self Leadership, Group Leadership Workshop
Exploring managing others and managing yourself - workshop for young leaders
Professional Development Opportunities
Find out what’s happening in 2021…
Workshop for young leaders
Workshop for young leaders - 14 May 2021
Certificate in Supervision for Coaching and Consultancy
Are you a coach or consultant with at least 5 years of experience who wishes to become a supervisor?
Advanced consultancy skills in Systems Psychodynamics
Organisational Consultancy: Working with dynamics 2021
Dynamics @ Board Level
Understanding the complexities and working through the difficulties
Becoming Situated, Becoming Sensitised, Becoming Image
Reflections from a light-sensitive process
Researcher – wanted!
We are looking to recruit a Researcher.
Eric Miller Lecture 2021 by Edward R Shapiro, MD
“Why do I have to do this?” Institutions, Integrity and Citizenship
Social Dreaming as container
to help deepen creative practice with organisations.
Short-termism and Power Plays
Dynamics at Board Level
From small beginnings
Tavistock Institute and Entelechy Arts. The relationship between the two organisations has grown over the years...
Task – Authority- Organisation
Birthing, Learning, Leading in a time of (post) Pandemic
Anthropology Works
A new workshop for uncertain times. How can your anthropology training be applied in your professional life?
United and Divided We Stand
Leadership, Authority, Political Identity, and __________
Deepening Creative Practice
A reflection on our journey so far.
Call for speakers
We are inviting proposals for future Food for Thought Lunchtime Talks...
Psychodynamic impact of Covid-19 on BAME People
‘Understanding Society’ series from OPUS
Disembodied Relations at Work
Working virtually with groups. Covid-19 has forced many of us to work remotely...
Minding your Body
The psychophysical in the Deepening Creative Practice with organisations programme.
Prof Susan Long to give the Eric Miller Memorial Lecture
The Unconscious – the evolution of an idea.
Making Visible the Invisible
Bricolage into activism in the arts and systems psychodynamic approaches of Deepening Creative Practice.
Virtual Executive Coaching
Beyond the screen and below the surface.
Tavistock celebrates 100 years!
The rich history of the Tavistocks.
Authority & Role: Disruptive Caribbean Leadership
The closing of physical borders is opening up new psychic possibilities for connection.
Coaching for Leadership: Psychodynamic approaches
Find a broader, deeper repertoire and develop your own style.
Working virtually with groups
Exploring Role and Identity in the COVID-19 era - online Group Relations workshop.
Networks for NEETS
Employment opportunities through social and peer networks.
Leicester Conference 2020
65x+12y = 77/14 = 1
COVID-19 and the upside of existential dread
New ways of thinking, living and connecting: philosophy, ways of life, and …online courses.
Deepening Creative Practice
Announcing new dates for 2021/22
Christ Church Business School

A new Memorandum of Understanding formalising our partnership.

Leicester Conference goes ahead in Germany for August 2020.
Coaching with Difference
Working with the overlapping layers of identity.
Tavistock Community 2nd Annual Gathering
is taking place on 29 June, via Zoom.
Group Relations Learning Beyond 2020
The World is starting to open, lockdowns are easing, social distancing and cleaning regimes are getting ready for the return to the new normal or the new reality.
The Early Bird still gets the Worm
Leicester Conference 2020. Early bird deadline 20 May. Apply now!
#3 — At the breakfast table he is approached by someone he argued with 34 years ago.

#3 — At the breakfast table he is approached by someone he argued with 34 years ago...

Social Dreaming Matrix
Online dreaming sessions during Covid-19
Seeking Trustees
An opportunity to contribute to social change.
Supervision for Coaching and Consultancy goes online
Covid-19 adds focus to a great debate and a long tradition.
Bodies and Roles: sea change?
Leicester Conference 2020 Most of our lives take place in groups. The idea of a group is a construct that is rooted in the understanding of the human in relation to the systems...
Ever Ready for Business
The Boardroom post Covid-19...
Digital Exclusion
During national lockdown..
Teamwork in the time of Coronavirus
Understanding Virtual Group Dynamics. The Digital Surgery is now open.
Virtual Working – how to build trust
The Digital Surgery opens on 6 April 2020.
Other Professional Development Opportunities
Have a look at our prospectus ...
Professional Development Round-up
Read about some of our professional development programmes and the great early bird discounts available...
Foreseeing Sea Change
Leicester Conference 2020
Dynamics at Boardroom Level
Psychodynamics of Practitioner - Patient Relationships in the Manual Therapies
Understanding the dynamics of the practitioner-patient relationship in the manual therapies can improve treatment outcomes. In a series of video interviews...
Enlightening human talents

The project aims to contribute to the development of efficient pre-training and vocational training services for low-skilled people in the 2 Seas region

The Surgery is opening
Virtual Working - supporting individuals and teams to work better.
Whatever happens…
P3C: Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy & Change
Leicester Conference 2020
Task Authority Organisation: 4C’s C-Change.
The Art of Inquiry from within
Remember the TLNT: Invite
I felt like I was there

Working with the digital archives of the Leicester Conference, a post by Karen Kiss.

Justin Trudeau and the Court of Twitter
Ethics in public life and supervision.
Barbados Stock Exchange
Talking about board dynamics and other activities beyond.
Research & Professional Development Apprentice
Questions you may be asking yourself
Organisational Consultancy: Working with the Dynamics
P3C: Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy & Change
How is it practical and useful?
An aspirational training project for the 21st Century
An action research project to train low-skilled school-leavers, without prospects, for employment.
Launch - Organisational Consultancy: Working with Dynamics 2020
Applications are now open for this programme.
Practitioner Certificate in Consulting & Change
We are now inviting applications for the next cohort.
Social Dreaming Training

Launched through a new partnership with the Social Dreaming International Network.

The Heart of ART
73rd Leicester Conference still open for applications.
Join us in Boston!
Bringing ‘Art at Work’ to the Academy of Management annual meeting.
Call for Proposals: Archive-A-Live!
Exploring responses to the Tavistock Institute’s Archive. A Tavistock Institute Annual Symposium.
Call for Proposals: Archive-A-Live!
Testing New Ground
Launching a new Tavistock Community
for Alumni and Friends of the Tavistock Institute.
Art and Organisation at the Institute

The story of our work with arts. Expanding our disciplines and customising practice.

The Notre Dame Fire
Endings, beginnings; re-vision and supervision.
Boarding the Mother Ship
Attending the Leicester Conference. Since its formation in 1957, the Leicester Conference has continued to represent the unique contribution to our...
Leadership and People Management
'Leadership and People Management' is an ongoing professional development collaboration between King's College and TIHR.
Supervision: working through the loop of shame in learning

An acronym was invented in the office recently – ITYS: I told you so.

A Call to Love@Work
A paper was left in an office that stated...
Who are you saying “Yes” to?
Leicester conference 2019
Working with Virtual Strangers: </br>22 March 2019
The Dynamics of Leading and Working in Agile Teams 
Leadership and Supervision
The narcissistic traps that lie in wait...
New Book on Social Dreaming by Susan Long & Julian Manley
Dr Mannie Sher contributes the chapter: Social Spaces for Social Dreaming.
Designing a change project
A practical exploration of consultancy and history. The next ‘shamelessly’ Practical Seminar on 17 January...
Why Donald Trump, now?
Leaders, Archetypes and the Trickster figure as an unconscious agent of change.
Learning the details: when honoring the past liberates the creativity in the present.

Antonio Sama relates how the archive inspired a new relationship with his mentor.

Feeling more at ease with uncertainly and ambiguity
The Evidence: Learning from a Leicester conference
Change is situational...
sometimes slow, sometimes difficult, but always requiring movement.
Leadership Backstage: an interview with Dr Eliat Aram
Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth recently interviewed Dr Eliat Aram, CEO of the Tavistock Institute, in her exciting new podcast series Leadership Backstage.
Quantitative Researcher - wanted!
We are looking to recruit a Quantitative Researcher.
Staying Alive
How to stay emotionally healthy when working as a change agent.
‘The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction’ William Blake
Anger (and other emotions) in Coaching.
On not being an academic & representing TIHR at the Academy of Management
‘Tavi-stock-taking’ with Dr Sadie King
The Music of Supervision:
chords, discords and improvisation...
Delivering Prevent: A guide for effective practice
The TIHR was commissioned by the Home Office to undertake research to identify the factors that contribute to ‘effective’ Prevent implementation.
Putin, Trump and Merkel: the war of identities
Supervision and the shape-shifting ‘self’
Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy and Change
Applications are invited for our P3C modular programme starting in February 2019.
The World Cup...
As the World Cup got underway, an interesting and unlikely Twitter spat broke out between the ex-England striker Alan Shearer and the historian Simon Schama.
All Change at Group Relations!
On 13 April 2018, the Tavistock Institute marked the transfer of the role of Director of the Group Relations Programme from Mannie Sher to Leslie Brissett with a Minifest, which served as a continuation of the October 2017 celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. On the morning of the Minifest there were lectures by Mannie and Leslie: Mannie reflecting on what he had learned in 20 years in the role and Leslie outlining his vision for Group Relations in the digital age.
Intersectionality in Practice: Uncovering our identities at work to embrace change
Practical Seminar for Organisational Change: 1 October 2018.
Brexit (chapter 934)
and Supervision as the art of the impossible.
Making it to the Leicester Conference
Transforming Poverty of Time or Cash. Are you one of the many executives or someone seeking to take their career to another level?
Organisational Consultancy: Working with the Dynamics
Join a Reflective Consultancy Group for those precious moments of illumination.
The Tavistock Institute - 'Highly Commended' in the Festival of Learning 2018 awards
...for exceptional achievements in adult learning.
Want to work with us?
Professional Development Executive Assistant
Say Yes to the Mess!
“Say Yes to the Mess” of organisational life and leadership.
Data Overload?
Juliet Scott and Coreene Archer explore our relationship to data in an ISPSO Professional Development Workshop.
Poet-in-Residence at APS Conference
Karen Izod reflects on the mutuality of poetry and organisational change in her practice.
Peace not War
Art of Enlightened Followership...
Comparing TIHR and NTL Founding Traditions
Professional Development for the Development Professionals
The Leicester conference
Learning in the Tavistock Tradition
In this lunchtime talk, Anne Benson explored what “Drawing on classic and contemporary Tavistock approaches” might mean...
EU Supports Applied Group Relations
Helping primary and secondary teachers in Lithuanian schools to work effectively with groups.
Fitting Care Navigation into Health Systems

Lunchtime talk exploring the real stories of care navigators and outlining how a socio-technical systems approach can facilitate successful organisational change.

For the job of your dreams
Who do you need to be? What millennials regard as essential...
The Art of Enlightened Followership
The Leicester conference. Catch the Early Bird Deadline 5th March 2018
Want to work with us?
Interested in joining an organisation with a rich and continually evolving tradition in applied social research?
A.K. Rice 54th Annual Residential Group Relations Conference
We are pleased to announce the AK Rice Annual Residential Group Relations Conference on July 20 – 25 in New Orleans. This is the third and final conference in a series directed by Dr Eliat Aram...
NZ Prime Minister
Juggling Work/Life Balance...
Your choice?
A Tavistock Institute Prescription for Leadership...
Do you care?
If you care to, come and join us at P3C...
Taking Responsibility for the state we’re in
Are social media platforms tearing apart the social fabric that binds us together, or are we all, collectively & individually, responsible for the state we’re in?
The Governors
Beyond Conflict: Achieving Dynamic School Boards
Changes in the wind for the P3C programme
New Venue… New Format…
The Furious Cascade
The challenge of events for coach and client...
What is the ‘P’ in P3C?
Deepening consulting practice at the Tavistock Institute.
Beyond ‘f..k you’ to compassion: a route map for coaches
Human, all too human
The associative unconscious, abductive logic and social dreaming

A talk by Professor Susan Long

Revaluation: Measuring Value, Making Value
Revaluation is a new methodology for measuring change in complex systems. It has been created by Andrew Darnton and Andrew Harrison, and comes out of a year’s work evaluating ‘bottom-up’ change in the NHS.
Creating Group Relations Institutions in the Tavistock Tradition in Countries outside the UK
The possibility of developing...
The Client speaks...

This article on executive coaching is part of a series of thought-pieces developed by Dr Mannie Sher. In this article, space is given over to the client who speaks about the value of executive coaching.

Conversations from the Archive
TIHR 70 Festival Picks 2
Juliet Scott, Festival Director continues to highlight workshops, performances & events from across the programme.
The Social Seducement story: the value of online games in enterprise creation
David Drabble and Heather Stradling talk about Social Seducement.
Mining the archives
Exploring the potential for new applications of STS thinking and practice.
A view from the ground - of an organisational consultant
I am celebrating 25 years at the Tavistock Institute this year and even after all this time...
The Application of Tavistock Group Relations - Guliverio Akademija
A new school opens in Lithuania.
TAO: Presence in Absence
The Leicester Conference: Application deadline 24th JulyUpdate on Director of Training Group
Managing Large-Scale Global Organisational Transformation: the role of culture & diversity
A summary of a 2-year assignment to effect leadership and organisational change in a multi-national player. The client is a global pharmaceutical manufacturing…
Elections as Fairy-tales….
….and the Supervisor as Literary Theorist.
'The truth about ourselves....'
Coaching as Self-therapy.
The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
In small (6-8 people) and medium-sized groups (15 - 20 people), p(g) = I (n-1) Where p = power; g = group; I = individual.
A simpatico relation: Learning to Change in Italian
A review of the Italian translation of a collection of articles and essays by Jean Neumann.
Towards Conscious Transformation
Being different…?
Learning in the Tavistock Tradition
Lunchtime Talk: Anne Benson, 17th May.
Time to Vote! Leicester 2017
Citizens all around the world are preparing to vote for parliaments, councils, presidents, municipalities and mayors, as well as...
Redundancy Kills!
What purpose does work serve for individuals and society? Work gives people a secure place in the community. It also allows them to displace narcissistic, aggressive or even erotic drives onto work...
Swim Upstream
The Leicester Conference has provided opportunities to understand the nature of role taking since the 1950s
The use of detention as a defence against intolerable social ambivalence towards asylum-seekers
A talk by David Lawlor & Mannie Sher.
'In space, no one can hear you scream'
A CEO tells her coach: at the top, loneliness is like living in a vacuum…
Psychoanalytic Study and the Ethical Imagination: the making, finding and losing of a tradition
Dialogic OD and Beyond: Towards New Forms of Organisational Change
Professor Cliff Oswick (Chair of THIR) presented recently at one our Food for Thought lunchtime talks on the changing forms of Organisational Development.
“It cannot be us; it must be them”
Understanding and working with projective dynamics in the value chain helps to reduce blame, time, waste (inventory) and cost. The second article of the series: “All research is consultancy; all consultancy is research”...
Real presence: there’s a chair waiting for you…
An Early Bird discount at Task Authority Organisation, the Leicester conference...(deadline: 6 March)
Leading in Complex Times
Is this the right learning programme for me?
What are people looking for when they ask about our programmes, courses and conferences?
“Tavistock, we have a problem…..!”

(with apologies to the crew of the Apollo 13 moon flight...)

Power Grab
As we enter 2017, the dynamic between leader and follower is playing out in a very challenging way, all across the world, but particularly striking in the USA.
The so-called ‘Post-Truth’ era…
The so-called ‘post-truth’ era and what it might have to do with supervision.
The ‘Anthropological Thread’ in TIHR Archive
Presented by Dr Elizabeth Cory-Pearce, Dr Sadie King and Dr Mannie Sher. The talk explores the proposition that an ‘anthropological thread’ runs through the history of the our work as an organisation.
Fearless Leadership 2017
The Best Price Yet.
Managing Dualities in Organisational Change Projects
Announcing four days in October 2017
Celebrating 70 years of becoming more humane
The ‘Anthropological Thread’ in TIHR Archive
This talk explores the proposition that an ‘anthropological thread’ runs through the history of our work as an organisation.
Leicester Conference 2017
The Global Leadership Intensive
4,446 books on Amazon on relational practice, but what does it mean?
With the fashion to call any and every approach to engaging with others ‘relational’ what does relational actually mean? Karen Izod gives us a snapshot of ideas on what relational practice means to her, and how it is embodied in her work as a consultant to organisational change and professional development.
Working with Theory of Change and Complexity
In this lunchtime talk, Richard Allen, Principal Research and Consultant at TIHR, presents Theory of Change as both a framework and reflective practice for managing complexity.
Donald Trump….and other issues
We appear to be fascinated - or petrified - by Donald Trump...and the task of coaching flawed leaders.
The ‘Anthropological Thread’ in the Tavistock Institute of Human Relation’s Archive Lunchtime Talk
Rock and Role
Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy and Change (P3C) - Join us to shape, unfold and deepen your consultancy practice through this dynamic and experiential...
What is evidence? Learning from the experience of Project Oracle, children and youth evidence hub
‘What is evidence?’ Georgie Parry-Crooke asked at the start of a Food for Thought Lunchtime talk in May 2016.
Taking Evaluation Seriously
Launching Dynamics of Evaluation programme: Navigating Evaluation in Challenging Times.
4,446 books on Amazon on relational practice, but what does it mean?
Karen Izod, TIHR Professional Partner, recently joined us as part of our lunchtime talk series to present some thoughts on what ‘relational practice’ might mean.
Brexit, leadership and the limits of rationality
the role of the Coach...
Trusting virtual strangers: Developing trust online in temporary collaborative groups
Professor Niki Panteli & David Drabble (TIHR) explore trust as a mechanism for forming functional online groups.
Lead my Follower
Organisational life beyond Brexit.
Reflexive authority:
The crucial role of Supervision. The supervisor is the crucial figure, the Third, the individual who enters the dyad created by coach/consultant & client..
TIHR statement
The Referendum
[Previous talk] Becoming more Embodied for performance, presence and poise
Lunchtime Talk: Rachel Kelly, 6th July 2016
Graduation Ceremony
Celebrating our 2015-16 Professional Development programmes.
Healing with Words and Ideas: from past, present to future with Mannie Sher
As an advisory group member of the Archive Project, I was stimulated to think of my personal archive and how to make it available to the TIHR Archive process. After discovering some notes I had made in 1989 when I was part of a Board to which Eric Miller had been invited to consult ...
Premiership Learning in the winning city
The Leicester conference 2016.
An opportunity to widen your field
Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy.
“Awareness is the difference between looking and seeing, and between hearing and listening.” - Rachel Kelly, on the Yoga Event at the Leicester Conference
MSc in Leading Organisational & Development in a volatile and complex world
from the Metanoia Institute
Improvising with-in the Shadows
Exploring Authority and Leadership in our Organizations and Communities. Come to New Orleans for a Group Relations conference!
On the Yoga Event at the Leicester Conference
Podcast: Rachel Kelly talks about some key concepts, philosophical ideas and the myths and fantasies around the Yoga Event... Listen here.
On the Yoga Event at the Leicester Conference
Rachel Kelly, Professional Development Coordinator at the Tavistock Institute and a teacher of the Alexander Technique, talks to staff and guests about some key concepts, philosophical ideas and the myths and fantasies around the Yoga Event, which has been a part of the annual group relations Leicester Conference for the last 8 years.
Certificate in Dynamics at Board-Level 2016
Closing date for applications : 16 May 2016.
Expanding our evaluation training offer
More professional groups & sectors face a demand to demonstrate the effectiveness & value of the work they provide...
Going with the flow
The Leicester conference 2016.
You are good. Launching the Tavistock Institute Action Learning Space
The purpose of The Tavistock Institute Action Learning Space is to open spaces for comprehending and staying with meaningful and sometimes difficult questions. In this talk Milena Stateva explored with guests what it means to be a member, to convene and to nurture such a space and a range of meanings of a group.
Getting a seat on a Corporate Board
It’s not about your colour or your genitals…?
Early Bird discount deadline approaching!
The Leicester conference 2016...
On the Yoga Event at the Leicester Conference
Lunchtime Talk by Rachel Kelly, 10th February 2016.
Is it better together?
…an Adventure is going to happen - The Leicester conference 2016
Avoiding Boardroom Death
...risky behaviour and the wish to live forever!
No Present like time…
The Leicester conference 2016
P3C Argentina 2016
P3C - A new kind of change practice / consultancy for South America.
Lunchtime Talk: Handling Complexity
The third in the series of lunchtime dialogues on the Dynamics of Evaluation.
Lunchtime Talk: Communicating Results
A recording of the fourth (and last) in the series of lunchtime dialogues on the Dynamics of Evaluation.
Handling complexity: online dialogue with evaluation stakeholders
The third open-class of Tavistock Chair in Social Science for Education and Change at UNIR University will take place on November 30th.
'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all…?
Certificate in Supervision for Consultancy and Coaching - apply now!
Fair Share - learning by developing
The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) is part of Fair Share, an EU-wide free online training platform for fair trade entrepreneurs, employees and volunteers.
Finding the Joy in Work
The Leicester conference 2016.
Does love matter? fear and compassion in organisations and leadership
Podcast: Does love matter? fear and compassion in organisations and leadership
Dr Eliat Aram (TIHR CEO) used a recent TIHR Lunchtime talk session to open up a heart-to-heart conversation about the ethics of love and the freedom in fearlessness.
First UNIR-Tavistock Chair Openclass
'Reflective practice bridges the gap between theory, skills, values and methods'
A System Psychodynamic Perspective on Evaluation
15 July 2015: The second in the series of lunchtime dialogues on the Dynamics of Evaluation
Certificate in Coaching for Leadership 2016
A panoptic vision for interesting times!
TIHR Opportunities
'Most of us have jobs that are too small for our spirits.' We pride ourselves in being the exception to this observation. We are inviting experienced...
The couch at sea!
A new Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy.
The evaluation process: resistance, politics and role
Through the lens of a recent evaluation project that the Tavistock Institute was commissioned to undertake, Giorgia Iacopini presents an experience of what it can mean to intervene in an organisation with an evaluation.
Shifting Focus: We not me & apples to barrels
Certificate Dynamics at Board Level - Closing date for applications: 18 May
Podcast: Evaluation as reflective practice
The first in a new series of lunchtime dialogues on The Dynamics of Evaluation
The Dynamics of Evaluation
A new series of lunchtime dialogues on The Dynamics of Evaluation. As part of our celebration of the 2015 International Year of Evaluation we are launching a new series...
The Dehumanization of Consultancy
Why a Certificate in Consultancy and Change in Latin America now?
Storytelling as sense-saviour in an era of information overload
We were delighted when Yiannis Gabriel joined us for the ‘Food for Thought’ lunchtime talk series in January bringing with him questions for our consideration.
MSc in Personal, Team & Organisational Development
from a Systemic, Gestalt & Complexity Perspective.
Sold out - again!
5th Faroese Group Relations Conference. Leadership between Fantasy and Fact is the annual Group Relations conference...
IDEAS for improving access to Higher Education
Address to the Finnish Organizational Development Society on their 25th Anniversary
A paper by TIHR Principal Researcher / Consultant Fiddy Abraham, presented at the Finnish Organizational Development Society on their 25th Anniversary in February 2015.
Dynamics in the Boardroom:
Dynamics in the Boardroom: a vital skillset for all Directors.
The making of a new age Evaluator: how evaluations can be conceptualised and practiced
We were delighted when Ravinder Kumar joined us for the ‘Food for Thought’ lunchtime talk series last year to give his talk: 'The making of a new age Evaluator: how evaluations can be conceptualised and practiced'.
Authority & Role: Flighting & Fighting in our Organisations
The Leicester conference
Towards Compassionate Leadership
Opening conversations towards compassionate leadership: thoughts offered by Eliat Aram, CEO, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
Family Values in Straightened Times
Drawing on recent research funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as part of their anti-poverty strategy, this paper by Judy Corlyon explores the link between family relationships and poverty and how this is affected by current policies.
Long term endemic problems or short term necessities?
- highlighting the need for renewal in your practice/being.
Certificate in Coaching for Leadership 2015
Identity: fixed or fluid?
The evaluation process: resistance, politics and role
A talk by Giorgia Iacopini, next at TIHR's 'Food for Thought': 24 September 2014.
Certificate in Coaching for Leadership 2015
Applications are now being invited for our Certificated modular course starting this January.
P3C programme 2015
Applications are invited for our Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change modular programme starting in January 2015.
Vacancy: Finance Manager
We are looking to recruit a Finance Manager.
Social Dreaming and the Social Protest Movement, Occupy London at Tent City
Mannie Sher joined one of our lunchtime talks early this year to discuss his paper on Social Dreaming and the Social Protest Movement.
Mental Well-being Impact Assessments
A recent presentation by Sadie King, Senior Researcher/ Consultant (TIHR), from our ‘Food for Thought‘ lunchtime talk series.
Podcast: Inspecting the police
Earlier this year we welcomed Stephen Otter, HMIC, to our Food for Thought lunchtime talk series.
“Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!”
Apply now for the Leicester Conference 2014. The closing date for applications is 21 July.
Inspecting the police
Stephen Otter, HMIC, joined the TIHR 'Food for Thought' lunchtime talk series to ask how his experiential learning through the Tavistock Institute’s Group Relation tradition is offering insight to the way he approaches the police inspection process.
What is Capacity Building?
In December 2013, Dr Susan Rosina Whittle and Irish colleagues Anne Colgan and Mary Rafferty presented their review of Capacity Building at a seminar hosted by The Centre for Effectives Services (CES) in Dublin.
'Iguana' school trip to Lithuania
Camilla Child, Principal Consultant and Researcher at the Tavistock Institute, recently travelled to Lithuania to help the local research team there explain and launch the IGUANA pilot in schools.
What Does Organisational Design Mean for Me and My Work?
A presentation to European Organizational Development Network: EODF Stream in May 2014, by Frances Abraham and Jean Neumann. This forms the third in the series of organizational design themed presentations that reflect TIHR’s continuing learning around design and culture change.
Poverty and relationships: addressing the gender perspective in the parental leave system
Where should the battle against poverty start? What has the parental leave system to do with income and poverty levels?
Is It Just Me?
Presentation by Fiddy Abraham, Principal Researcher / Consultant (TIHR) to the European Organizational Design Forum Meeting Vienna 2013: Designing Thriving Organizations: Resilience, Partnership, Enablement.
The role of an ageing workforce in the future of work

Working through images of older people and their role in the systems psychodynamics of organizational life.

Top Quality Visiting Faculty: Board Dynamics
We are pleased to announce a top quality visiting faculty for the Certificate in Dynamics at Board Level 2014.
Certificate in Dynamics at Board-Level 2014
Closing date for applications: 14 April
The Early Bird gets the worm!
Early applications for the Leicester conference receive a substantial £500 Discount.
Boardroom Wars?.... Understanding the dynamics
'War Breaks out in Co-op Boardroom' is a recent City AM headline...
Tim Dartington to present The Annual Eric Miller Memorial Lecture
'Beyond evidence: tradition, innovation and the renewed capacity to think'
From the Buddha to Bion: mindfulness, psychoanalysis and organisational life
In this fascinating talk Tim explores how may we usefully explore underlying states of mind – greed, hatred and delusion (the three ‘poisons’ in Buddhist thought) – in working with the dynamics of contemporary organisations.
Certificate in Dynamics at Board-Level 2014 – OPEN NOW
Longer, Slower, Deeper: Increasing consultancy effectiveness.
Next Lunchtime Talk: Stephen Otter (HMIC) - 26 February
Learning from Group Relations and how that is applied to the inspection process.
Eliat Aram tells of directing a three-day Group Relations Conference in New York City
February's Lunchtime Talk: </br>Tim Dartington - 5th February
From the Buddha to Bion: mindfulness, psychoanalysis and organisational life.
Report: Group Relations Conference in Lithuania - Motivation, Resistance & Change in Organisations & Communities
Directors Report: The fourth 5-day non-residential experiential inductive learning group relations conference in Lithuania was jointly sponsored by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Vilnius, Lithuania, and by the Group Relations Programme of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London.
Group Relations Conferences - The Leicester Conference
Coreene Archer and Mannie Sher explain what you might expect from The Leicester Conference.
Group Relations Conferences - The Leicester Conference
The upcoming Tavistock Institute's 68th Leicester conference provides a unique context for exploring and developing new leadership skills. Coreene Archer and Mannie Sher explain what you might expect from The Leicester Conference.
Eliat Aram tells of directing a three-day Group Relations Conference in New York City
Read about it here...
P3C: Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change
comes to Argentina in 2014.
P3C programme 2013-14
Get your applications in now for our Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change modular programme starting this October.
Young people share their thoughts about the future
'I don’t know many people who have followed their dreams, but I know a lot of people who haven’t and are depressed.'
The Open University Business School (OUBS)
Escaping old patterns – creating radical change
Invigorate your work with the P3C programme 2013-14.
Reflective coaching – an antidote to compulsive ‘busy-ness’
Certificate in Coaching 2014 – applications now being invited.
The Violent Enigma of Gender
The leader of our strategic initiative in support of organisations working with or going through overwhelming experiences, Dr Milena Stateva, presented at the 2013 British Sociological Association Annual Conference.
Kurt Lewin – 'Constructive Method Rule'
The fourth and final part of Dr Jean Neumann's (TIHR, Sr Fellow in Scholarly Practice) series addressing selected Lewinian principles. Here it is the 'Constructive Method Rule that receives attention.
Convert your learning
Convert your learning at The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) into credit for Masters Qualifications with The Open University Business School.
Tavistock Institute in academic exchange with Vilnius University, Lithuania
Mannie Sher teaches and consults in Lithuania under the Erasmus programme of the EU.
Hidden Complexity
TIHR call for Financial Conduct Authority to focus on board dynamics
Report: Lithuanian Group Relations Conference - Innovation and Authority in Organisations: Director’s Report
Directors Report from the first-ever 5-day non-residential experiential inductive learning programme in Eastern Europe was conducted at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Vilnius, Lithuania
Birmingham University
Interpretations of Socio-Technical Systems: two stories and the narrative of an organisation
A presentation given by TIHR Principal Researcher / Consultant Frances Abraham and Researcher / Consultant David Drabble to the Socio-Technical Systems (STS) Roundtable: What’s Humane got to do with it?, September 13th, 2012.
What can you expect from a book of a conference?
Group Relations Conferences: Tradition, Creativity, and Succession in the Global Group Relations Network', a third volume in the 'Belgirate' conferences series.
Where Next For Teenage Parents
A presentation given by Principal Researcher Judy Corlyon to a group of staff and post-graduate students at the University of Greenwich on 25th April 2012.
(Economic) Sense and Sensibility
Complexity: Going Deeper
At a recent ‘lunchtime talk’ session, Eliat Aram, the Institute’s CEO attempted a second ‘bite’ into Complexity theory, this time introducing Staff and Guests to the ‘complex responsive processes of relating’ perspective developed by Prof. Stacey, Prof. Shaw and Prof. Griffin.
Action Research and Organisational Change in Third Sector Organisations - Workshop
A collaboration between Coordinamento Nazionale delle Comunit' di Accoglienza (C.N.C.A.) and The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations Lamezia Terme, Italy, October 16 - 19, 2012
Kurt Lewin - 'Contemporaneity' Rule
In the third-part of our continuing series that addresses selected Lewinian principles, Dr Jean Neumann (TIHR, Sr Fellow in Scholarly Practice) turns her attention to Kurt Lewin’s ‘Contemporaneity’ Rule.
A Group Relations approach to the socio ecological dilemmas in the Peruvian Amazons
A Group Relations approach to the socio ecological dilemmas in the Peruvian Amazons: An invitation to learn from the experience of leadership, accountability and love in order to promote a spirit of enquiry for a sustainable transformation in the Amazons’.
The Dynamics of Political Mentoring and Coaching
Reporting back from a seminar addressing political mentoring and coaching...
Theory of Change in action
We were delighted when Helène Clark was able to join one of our lunchtime talk series while on a brief visit to the UK. Helene is a leader in Theory of Change development and facilitation, founder of ActKnowledge and of Theory of Change Online.
Food for thought at the Tavistock Institute - a cultural centrepiece
Developing research, ideas and relationships through our lunchtime series of talks.
An Introduction to Complexity Theory
As part of the highly successful lunchtime talk series, the contemporary Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) food-for-thought programme, Eliat Aram, the Institute’s CEO introduced staff and guests to some key concepts and philosophical underpinning of Complexity theory and its implications to understanding organisational praxis.
What TIHR can offer towards understanding the rioting and looting
Anomie and order are two sides of the same coin. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations helps understand that dynamic relationship.
Eco-Leadership, new skills for organisational success and sustainability
Learning about an Eco-Leadership approach – what are the challenges, what are the organisational and societal impacts? Dr Simon Western talks about an Eco-Leadership approach during a TIHR lunchtime talk.
The return of the artisan': Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change
HSBC, in its June edition of Business Matters writes about the return of the artisan, in the creation of unique products and services, delivered through micro-businesses in niche market positions.
Kurt Lewin - 'Field Theory Rule'
Presented here is part-two in Dr Jean Neumann’s (TIHR Sr Fellow in Scholarly Practice) series of articles summarising selected Lewinian principles. Each article demonstrates Kurt Lewin’s continuing relevance today by using examples from both the archive and from more recent projects. This second instalment in the series addresses Lewin’s ‘field theory rule’.
Potential benefits of web-based feedback: Lessons emerging from the evaluation of Patient Opinion website
Representatives from TIHR and University of Birmingham presented emerging findings from the service evaluation on accessing the potential and progress of web-based feedback for quality improvement in the Health Service at the prestigious 7th Biennial Conference in Organisational Behaviour in Health Care in 2010.
Kurt Lewin - 'Dynamic Approach Rule'
First part of Dr Jean Neumann's four-part series summarising selected Lewinian principles. Each article demonstrates Kurt Lewin’s continuing relevance today by using examples from both the archive and from more recent projects.
Reflecting on group relations
Giorgia Iacopini suggests, group relations offers good tools for researchers...
‘The Aesthetics of Group Relations’
The Institute’s CEO, Eliat Aram, gave a key note address at the AK Rice symposium in Chicago, Illinois in October 2010. Eliat's paper, entitled: 'The Aesthetics of Group Relations – Design, leadership and the art of learning in contemporary GR thinking and practice' can be read and heard here.
'Understanding the Psychology of Regulation'
A paper by the Institute's Principal Consultant Mannie Sher, presented at Centre for Parliamentary Studies’ International Regulatory Affairs Symposium.
'Poor Parents, Poor Parenting?'
Poor Parents, Poor Parenting? A presentation given by Principal Researcher Judy Corlyon to the Parents on the Breadline Conference, Edinburgh 10th November 2010.
British Library launches new Business Management portal
New portal linking management researchers to the work of the Tavistock Institute.
What is a Group Relations conference?
A group relations conference offers ...
Extracting meaning from experiential learning
A staff member's tale of two unfamiliar landscapes- Israel and a group relations conference.
'Splits, Extrusion and Integration: The Impact of Potential Space'
Mannie Sher's NEW PAPER exploring how sponsoring organisations have influenced the history and development of Group Relations programmes.
The Leicester Conference

The 14-day experiential learning event that provides space to reflect and contemplate, within a global cohort, how you lead and follow in your organisation, your community and your life!

Arts & Organisation

Arts and Organisation is an alive enquiry, an evolving social practice of the arts within contemporary social science. 

Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change

A certificated programme providing you with advanced theoretical and practical foundations to grow and deepen as an organisational consultant or change agent.

Coaching, Supervision & Therapy

Coaching, supervision and therapy serve the individual, the couple, the small group or the team.

Organisational Consultancy: Working with the Dynamics

A hybrid/online series of 6 reflective seminars, for experienced consultancy practitioners focussing on advanced consultancy skills in Tavistock Institute Systems Psychodynamics.

Deepening Creative Practice with organisations

A creative, nurturing space in four seasons for experimentation and reinvention of your practice - working with trans-disciplinary faculty towards a final exhibition.

Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy

A hybrid, certificated professional development programme in 3 modules, accredited by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Certificate in Coaching for Leadership: Psychodynamic Approaches

A hybrid, certificated professional development programme in 4 modules, accredited by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Certificate in Dynamics @ Board Level

A certificated programme comprising 4 × 2-day modules for those sitting on or working with boards.

Launching Young Leaders

Finding Authority, Role and Impact – for young people who want to make a difference

Food for Thought — Lunchtime Talks

We invite you to consider yourself as part of our popular Food for Thought lunchtime talk series.

Informal sessions that take place on the third Wednesday of each month, between 1 pm – 2.30 pm in our London workspace. The intention is to provide a space for debate and reflection between Tavistock staff, those who are or have been collaborating with us and other interested researchers and practitioners.

Reading seminars: an introduction to Systems Psychodynamics

A unique opportunity to explore Systems Psychodynamics and its application to working in organisations and consultancy.

The Group Relations Programme

Group Relations conferences are a vital ingredient for anyone interested in developing and deepening their leadership strategy and Organisational Practice.

Spring Workshop Series: Writing with the Poetic Lens

A three session programme designed for professionals who seek new ways of writing about their work and practice

Reading Seminars on Organisational Consultancy & Change

An online series of 6 reflective text-based seminars...

Wrestling with Differences

How the theory and practice of Organisation Development struggles to connect its rhetoric with reality.

Strategic Leadership Circles

Transformative conversations for senior healthcare leaders

Team working: how to succeed

A new online course for everyone interested in how groups work, hosted with FutureLearn

Autumn Workshop: The Voice, Creativity, and the Workplace

A single session programme designed for professionals who wish to explore how creative use of the voice can add to their toolkit for work.

Social Dreaming

Social Dreaming is a practice of sharing and working with dreams within a social space

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