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Free Taster Session: Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations

Join us for this one-off opportunity to have a taste of Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations; our creative, nurturing space in four seasons where you can experiment and reinvent your practice

Professional development
My creative journey, by psychiatrist Katy Mason

Deepening Creative Practice participant and mental health practitioner Katy Mason explains how she has brought her creativity to life

Evolved and evolving... our living and growing office exhibition

Our current exhibition in the Tavistock Institute office showcases some of the varied creative work that takes place at the Institute. This exhibition pays homage to and builds upon the traces of previous ones, acknowledging the evolving status of our interactions with the arts and organisations at the Institute.

Deepening Creative Practice — 2024
Professional development
Autumn Workshop - The Voice, Creativity, and the Workplace

A single session programme designed for professionals who wish to explore how creative use of the voice can add to their toolkit for work.

Professional development
A production to cherish and chew on

Just imagine … coming to London each season, starting in Spring 2023. Four times, four days of intensive learning in very different ways.

The 2023/4 Deepening Creative Practice group presents: Kuråt

Watch the film made by this year’s Deepening Creative Practice group

Professional development
Aspex Portsmouth
Create, Sing, Move: Using the arts to interpret stories

Engage with the learnings and themes from the PARCS Grows Everybody Project in this creative workshop.

Dr Gayle Chong Kwan
Bongsu Park

Bongsu Park is a London-based, multidisciplinary Korean artist and long-term collaborator with the Tavistock Institute.

Entelechy Arts
Organizational Aesthetics — the journal

Organizational Aesthetics is about how the five senses and artistry inform business, non-profit, and government organizations...

Art as re-evaluation: everything is scattered

Our stream at the Art of Management and Organisation 2024 Conference 

Teams that ‘soh’ together grow together

The turbulence of the past few years has affected health services in many different ways.

Spring Workshop Series — Writing with the Poetic Lens 2025

Three session workshop series to explore your work through a poetic lens.

Professional development
Spring Workshop Series — Writing with the Poetic Lens

Three session workshop series to explore your work through a poetic lens.

Professional development

Searching for embodied experiences of work and labour in the Institute’s archive

A Tavistock Kiss

A tender touch

Marie Beauchamps
Artistic Affluence in Social Dreaming

An in person immersive Lunchtime Talk session

Lunchtime Talks
Poetry in the Here and Now

Joe Cullen selects poems from his own work as the Bard of Dalston that ask questions of the here and now.

Lunchtime Talks
Artistic Affluence in Social Dreaming

Come and see our current exhibition running until Autumn 2023

Experiences of Deepening Creative Practice

Join the Deepening Creative Practice community in a collective space to play, explore and experiment.

Lunchtime Talks
Mother / Child / Fly

Simone Kennedy was the Institute’s first Visiting Artist-in-Residence. In this recording, we hear how Simone re-imagines a symbolic mother shaped from experience.

Lunchtime Talks
Sentient Excavations

Developing a social practice as an artist. A talk that took place within the first exhibition of artworks in our offices.

Lunchtime Talks
Deepening Creative Practice 2023
Professional development
Artistic Affluence in Social Dreaming

Come and see our current exhibition running until Autumn 2023

Dichotomy Challenged: The Individual, Organisations & Art
‘Meet Tav’ at the Deepening Creative Practice 2021-22 Exhibiting Season
Everything is scattered and the tower has collapsed

Exploring the role of art in activism at the Art of Management and Organisation Conference.

Art and Organisation: Venice Biennale 2022
Where the Impossible Becomes Possible
Launching Deepening Creative Practice 2023-24
Exploring your creative practice with your organisation or group
The second issue of OPEN
Sharing the Work

Past 2021-2022 Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations participants share their process

Sentient Excavations catalogue
Come and visit our art/organisation exhibition...
All the world’s a stage…
The Leicester Conference 2022 invites us to engage in a new way, studying the capillary, tentacular and rhizomatic in organisations.
Funded Doctoral Opportunity
Relational Practices and the Tavistock Institute's Archive
Social Matters through Dream Sharing
A Dream Symposium and Dream Auction
Awakening an Untamed Presence
In conversation with Simone Kennedy, Visiting Artist-in-Residence.
Reflections on London
Our visiting Artist in Residence arrives
Still time to get your application in for Deepening Creative Practice
The deadline for applications is approaching -  2nd September
A beuy for all seasons: Joseph Beuys

'Every person is an artist – every action, a work of art'

The first issue of OPEN
is launched in the Exhibiting Season of Deepening Creative Practice with organisations.
2 Symposia; 1 International Study Tour
Design thinking and the arts for social change
We’re on the move! - a new space for the Institute
Redefining, reshaping and reinventing the work space
Creating the holding environment for Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations
Expanding physical and psychological spaces
Professional Development Opportunities
Find out what’s happening in 2021…
Becoming Situated, Becoming Sensitised, Becoming Image
Reflections from a light-sensitive process
Social Dreaming as container
to help deepen creative practice with organisations.
From small beginnings
Tavistock Institute and Entelechy Arts. The relationship between the two organisations has grown over the years...
Deepening Creative Practice
A reflection on our journey so far.
Minding your Body
The psychophysical in the Deepening Creative Practice with organisations programme.
Simone Kennedy – Artist in Residence
Announcing Inaugural Visiting AiR at the Institute
Making Visible the Invisible
Bricolage into activism in the arts and systems psychodynamic approaches of Deepening Creative Practice.
Deepening Creative Practice
Announcing new dates for 2021/22
Announcing the Artists
Deepening Creative Practice starting in Spring 2020
What’s figuring in Art and Organisation
Updates; opportunities; hashtags from the intersection of art and organisation.
Creating beyond silos
Awakening the creative shadow in each of us.
Professional Development Round-up
Read about some of our professional development programmes and the great early bird discounts available...
Art as status symbol and game-changer
Deeping Creative Practice: a new programme.
Tavistock at ‘Art & Activism’ in Liverpool 2020
Inviting contributions to an arts stream – Across the Universe
Tavistock at ‘Art&Activism’ in Liverpool 2020
Leicester Conference 2020
Task Authority Organisation: 4C’s C-Change.
100 years of the Bauhaus
It’s legacy and potential.
Research published on collaboration in the Arts sector
Collaborating for change... A research report prepared for Arts Council England.
Join us in Boston!
Bringing ‘Art at Work’ to the Academy of Management annual meeting.
Testing New Ground
Art and Organisation at the Institute

The story of our work with arts. Expanding our disciplines and customising practice.

What is the ‘P’ in P3C?
Deepening consulting practice at the Tavistock Institute.
Preservation and mutability: salt and the archive – two dynamic systems

I have been thinking about salt a lot recently. Maybe a strange way to start a blog for the TIHR Archive Project but actually there are many connections between the qualities of salt and the archive.

The artistry of the archive
Launching our new blog to document the emergent TIHR archive.
The Museums Libraries & Archives Council
Arts & Organisation

Arts and Organisation is an alive enquiry, an evolving social practice of the arts within contemporary social science. 


Our consultants are there both to hold the space open for profound discussions and ensure that actions are taken, and accountability lines identified.

Deepening Creative Practice with organisations

A creative, nurturing space in four seasons for experimentation and reinvention of your practice - working with trans-disciplinary faculty towards a final exhibition.

Spring Workshop Series: Writing with the Poetic Lens

A three session programme designed for professionals who seek new ways of writing about their work and practice

Autumn Workshop: The Voice, Creativity, and the Workplace

A single session programme designed for professionals who wish to explore how creative use of the voice can add to their toolkit for work.

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